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COG Says: We take to the skies in the latest paid, multiplayer-centric DLC for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Reno Air Races.

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iplay1up212d ago

Ouch! I was looking forward to this!

Abriael11d ago

Don't worry. It's actually great. The reviewer just doesn't know what they're talking about.

iplay1up211d ago

Thanks for the heads up!👍

Abriael11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

What a dreadfully superficial review. Basically just a brief description of the features with an added rant describing how the reviewer isn't good at it, so it must be bad.

1: It's an extremely technical kind of racing that combines careful trajectory and energy management, but I'm ready to bet the reviewer just floored the throttle all the time and never once touched the propeller pitch controls and then complains it's "boring."
2: People can ram you? What about, you know, avoiding them? In several tens of races, I've been rammed twice (and I still won both times).
3: The fact that if you have an upset you can't recover is absolutely false. If you're better than the rest, you can easily leave them 10-15 seconds behind, and a crash or ram makes you lose only a couple of seconds.
4: The false allegation that the different classes have only minor differences shows how the reviewer literally doesn't know what they're talking about. They fly extremely differently and they race extremely differently from each other... unless I guess your racing style revolves only around flooring it all the time and hoping that works. Newsflash. It doesn't. Imagine thinking that a biplane and a jet fly and race the same. 🤔
5: If you’re playing against someone better than you you're gonna lose and there's nothing you can do. NO REALLY? Have you ever played a racing game before? First time? 😂

Here's some advice: if you have zero expertise in something, don't "review" it. You'll do a disservice to the product and more importantly, your readers. There are a lot of FPS or adventure games out there for you to review. Stick to what you know.

iplay1up211d ago

I get your points. Microsoft has gone to great lengths to make every plane fly as authentic as possible. So your points seem spot on.

Abriael11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

In this case, during races, all aircraft of the same class are actually equalized (while they still fly realistically), so everyone is on the same playing field and it's only about skill.

When you fly them around on your own, they all have their own unique characteristics and flight models.

Here's a beginner tip: before tight turns (you can see in the map which ones are tight and which ones aren't) drop the prop pitch by about 30%. How early you need to do so depends by how tight the turn is. Bring it back up to max when you're almost straightened after the turn. That alone will let you gain seconds over people like the reviewer who just floor it and then wonder why they can't catch up.