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PlayStation Home Is Back Online This 2021 Thanks to Fans

Thanks to the Destination Home Team working in tandem with the PSOne Emulation Team, PlayStation Home is back online this 2021 on the PS3.

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Community54d ago
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SullysCigar55d ago

Now bring it into the PS5 era as a PSVR2 social hub and we're talking!

Silly gameAr55d ago

That would be awesome. Wonder if the fans can pull that off.

bouzebbal54d ago

It was a sad day when they stopped this service.. the community gave them so many good idea they chose not listen.. people want the trophy score to be used in home, or simply get rewards from unlocking the trophies..

excaliburps54d ago

If there was a time to do this, it would be now. Imagine PS Home intergrated with Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc. It could work, and open a new revenue stream for Sony, and new earnings potential for influencers, etc.

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Activision54d ago (Edited 54d ago )



Mr_cheese54d ago

While I understand why you said it, I hated the idea of everything you just said.

Lore53d ago

And expand on the housing and furniture offerings, allow for quick jump-in to HOME from the startup screen, and integrate a way for unique items to be acquired for games that platinum trophies have been earned in

GoodGuy0955d ago

Ah yes good times. I remember bowling, making psn friends, dance parties, flirting with girls, and pretending to be a girl with hoards of dudes following me lol. I even created eu and jp accounts because they had their own unique hub area and game spaces. It was just dumb fun.

boing154d ago

In hindsight, this would have been great in the current climate.

Darkborn54d ago

I still think the ps5 is getting it with London studio making an "online game" they keep posting. They also have experience making VR games so who knows. It would be amazing as a free game packed with the psvr2.

OptimusDK54d ago

HOME was a broken mess last time, and it still makes no sense now. This whole META verse hype - i just dont see it. VR or not makes no difference. We are far off!

Godmars29054d ago

Far off from VR chat type platforms being on a game console?

Very likely aren't btw, just more the question that if one existed would it support interactive games within itself. Offer flawless launching into other games with a spectator option.

I mean, imagine hosting a DB FighterZ tournament at you lunar mansion where guest can see it in realtime on a massive screen. About the actual level stage with some as DBZ characters commenting while waiting their turn.

Nitrowolf254d ago

Far off? Lol the virtual spacing has taken off already, since the PS4 era.

Home was released a bit ahead of its time when it should have came out later in the ps4 life cycle instead of certainly would have found loads more success today than back then

54d ago
EvertonFC53d ago

HOME was 10 years ahead of its time, dam I miss Xi

Mr_cheese54d ago

VR and the META are here to stay and they're only going to keep on growing.

There will be something for everybody.

Godmars29054d ago

Issue there is META's trademarked by a notorious info miner who plans to lock you out of your own VR rig no matter how much money you've sunk into it.

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The story is too old to be commented.