Polymega Nintendo 64 Module Announced

Polymega, a modular multi-system game console, is now adding a Polymega Nintendo 64 module to its four other modules that can already be bought.

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Einhander197110d ago

Very nice, but if the machine was readily available in the UK, and affordable would be a start. Until then these modules mean nothing to me. Certainly not paying £570 which I seen on one site yesterday.

galgor10d ago

Especially when a raspberry pi is so damn easy.

Neonridr10d ago

I still can't trust this company. I wonder how many people who originally supported this thing have their units. New orders now won't ship until sometime in the first half of 2022. That's pretty darn vague at this point and who knows if it will even ship by then.

Irishrocket699d ago

I preordered in November 2018, just got the base unit a month ago (no modules yet, as they are on a ship in the ocean). It does all it says, and I am very optimistic for its future. As a collector of physical media, I like the ease of use, and knowing it’s my game I’m playing.

Neonridr9d ago

that's great to hear. I think for me, since I already have a couple of the Analogue FPGA systems (NES, SNES, Genesis) spending this much for emulation (since I don't have a huge collection of physical media) is a little bit beyond what I would want to do.