Devil May Cry 5 - Steam Deck Gameplay

DMC is Back (on Deck)!

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darthv7212d ago

Looks like it plays pretty dang smooth. Cant wait to get mine next year.

blacktiger11d ago

mine too, the first open hardware and run os on sd card THATS SICK!!!!!!!

cbuc112512d ago

The Steam Deck is what Nintendo was afraid to make. This thing is going to own. You will be able to play games like DMC5 and emulate Zelda and Mario all on the same system.

porkChop12d ago

Afraid? Look at how expensive a Steam Deck is. Nintendo isn't afraid, they just aren't stupid. They can't make something that expensive because no one would buy it.

Shiore2u12d ago

The same company that sold people overpriced cardboard?

_SilverHawk_12d ago

Steam deck is amazing and I can't wait to have mine. I know that nes fanatics have been crying everyday just like a million others because the steam deck is coming out. Steam deck isn't expensive and imo is actually a massive bargain for what's being offered. The switch is expensive for what is being offered especially with its expensive software that normally has poor performance with low tech. I dont even know what the switch 2 will be but I can guess that the steam deck is more powerful than it. I'm so glad that a portable device that already has thousands of games available and will get thousands more will be available soon for gamers to buy having a way better option than what Nintendo offers.

porkChop12d ago

It doesn't matter if it's a bargain for what it offers though. As a handheld it is extremely expensive. Console manufacturers try to sell to the masses, Valve is selling to a niche market. That price point would never work for a mass market handheld.

carrotcakeag11d ago

I don't think the price is that bad. The cheapest Deck model isn't much more expensive than an OLED Switch. At that price in 2022 it's gonna take forever for them to even build enough to meet demand with the horrible global component shortage. I will be thrilled to get one when my turn comes up. I think sales would be quite strong if they were able to build them faster and send them to normal retail stores; more people seem more willing to spend big money on hardware these days than ever before.

annoyedgamer11d ago

The base model is $400 thats equivalent to a Switch and a couple of games. Since it's Steam based, Valve could run a promotion and throw in a couple Steam codes for free.

FinalFantasyFanatic11d ago


Nah, I think Steam can get away without offering some free games, the Steam Deck mainly targets those who already have a gaming PC, and most of those people probably have an extensive Steam library to begin with. I don't really think the Steam Deck competes as closely with the Switch as some people believe it will because the audience for it is different.

instantstupor11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

I'm confused by this argument. You don't think if Nintendo made a Switch Pro for $399 that people would buy it?

But let's look at things as they are now. I bought my original Switch for $300, sure. But the OLED Switch is $350 & is selling very well. The base model Deck is $399. The Deck doesn't charge to play online & comes with a case, so there's $20-40 first year for a lot of people. And the free online will even have on-device voice & text chat. Also, the Deck is only a handheld insofar as the Switch is, as the Deck can also output video to a TV via the USB-C connection. So if you argue Deck is a handheld, Switch has to be counted as such as well.

The Deck doesn't require games be made for it, so basically every game on Steam (or elsewhere) can be run on it in some fashion. You can get amazing deals on games that have been out for years instead of hoping for a release and then paying $40-60 for the privilege. If you already have a PC library built up, you've got a massive amount of games that are already available to play Day 1 with no extra cost.

The hardware might be a tad more expensive, but the savings on games & services overall is MASSIVE and performance will be better across the board. And if the game supports game saving to the cloud, you don't have to have developers do specific game save implementations to play on the go & then back on your PC. This thing is such a good value compared to the Switch, and only $50 more expensive than the newest Switch, that I find it strange to hear arguments on its cost or value.

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Fntastic11d ago

The obvious way for Nintendo to get a lot more power would be to have the dock double up as a large heatsink, so with next gen chips the next Switch could literally dock to the heatsink with fan, large power boost right there. Obviously there'd need to be a hole with the heat pipe visible underneath to connect up.

Kubark11d ago

I loved playing Devil May Cry 5. Wonder when we'll hear word about the next installment.

lucian22911d ago

Um......why'd they have to make a fake video? he is just mashing one button....lmaoooooo, some of those attacks can't be preformed on those buttons lmao

specialguest11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

It's not fake. Here's another video from a month ago from a different youtube channel. Most fake videos have the display stationary. You could clearly see this isn't the case as the Steam Deck moves with the natural movement of play, and the reflection of the screen is all there

instantstupor11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

There are also 4 buttons on the underside of the Deck, much like paddles on Elite controllers, so they may be using those as well.

instantstupor10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

This disagree ratio amuses me. Hard to disagree with the fact there are, indeed, 4 assignable buttons on the back of the Steam Deck...but shine on, you crazy disagreers lol

Edit: for anyone who cares: https://storage.googleapis....

lucian22910d ago

And yet they still appear to only be mashing one button

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