New StarCraft II Screenshots

Three new screenshots have been released by Blizzard, with lots of Zerg action! Our beloved insects fights the Terran and Protoss armies on space platforms an Mar Sara.

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Dorjan3628d ago

Looking cooler every time more screenshots are released!

Leord3628d ago

Yeah, it is clear they they are polishing the graphics between iterations.

Rovdjuret3628d ago

Im still mad because they removed Goliaths in MP ='(

Leord3628d ago

Well, isn't the Thor a really cool upgrade? =)

sh8kes3628d ago

WOW, this looks amazing

lothaer3628d ago

ooo shiny must contain myself AHHHHH i want it now someone get me into the beta plz.

Leord3628d ago

Why didn't you just go to BlizzCon? ;)

sh8kes3628d ago

We're not all as lucky as you!!

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The story is too old to be commented.