Japan Hates 20GB PS3, Xbox 360 "Hot" Console

From Kotaku: -- "Akihabara's AsoBitCity got in two, count 'em two, 20GB PLAYSTATION 3s recently. And there they sat up on the shelf. The store hasn't been able to even sell either one in a week since getting them in. Chin up, though. Good news is that AsoBitCity sold all of its 60GB PS3s. Ishimaru, Sofmap, Messe Sanoh, Gamers and MediaLand did not, however, and still have the 60 GB console in stock. To add insult to injury, AsoBitCity even put an Xbox 360 sticker on a PS3 poster. The sticker says the 360 is a "hot game machine." Ouch. Bet Sony's thinking that Gundam Musou (FFXIII, MGS4, etc) can't come soon enough."

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weekapaugh4906d ago

so one store does this and it somehow represents how the whole country feels?

PSN Starfleets4906d ago

My sentiments exactly. I think what's even more interesting is that they've gone to desperate actions in order to advertise their 360 consoles, whom I bet have been collecting dust in the store room.

The x360 is dead, or put it in best terms, "still dormant", but I doubt it'll wake up and if it did it'll just drop down again.

Let's focus on the positives e.g. North America and Europe, and just ignore Asia because even the biggest 360 fanboy will admit to defeat in Asia.

P.S. I'm a 360 owner so please don't call me a Sony fanboy for stating these facts.

TheMART4906d ago


XBOX 360 sales are about or just under 10k a week compared to just under 20k for the PS3, seen the last weeks sales in Japan.

So actually they sell 50% of the PS3 sales. Which is huge for XBOX compared to PS, although the overal numbers are low. Japanese are just very into the Wii, that's certain.

Japan - Wii
Rest of the world: 360

Ota4906d ago

If that would happen I would probably quit gaming or move to Japan.

power of Green 4906d ago (Edited 4906d ago )

Has been careful and fair doing studies all over Japan no need for excuses. IS it a Bust?.

Desperate actions my ass they started reporting the roof high stacks of PS3's all over Japan.

Ota4906d ago

Everyone knows by now ;)
I suppose the green Boxes must be stapeling to the ceiling in that store and others for sure.

360 sales according to Media Create this year till jan.28th: 41.676

TheMART4906d ago

For Japan, that's not bad at all. The total sales in 2006 for the 360 in Japan were what, 300k or so? If they manage to sell about 40k in a bad selling month (January), with ten of these months, it would already be 400k. I guess Blue Dragon, Lost Planet etc. are doing their work, slowly but steady

Ota4906d ago (Edited 4906d ago )

Those games sure do. The 360 performs better than it's predecessor so far. The games are better suited for the japanese market. But anyways, here's the rest just for comparison:

WII 459.188
PS3 136.576
PS2 115.864

all up to 01.28. for this year


Just to add 2006 here to round up the picture:

PlayStation2 1.450.935
Wii 919.643
PlayStation3 457.518
Xbox 360 197.136

total amount sold in 2006 in Japan according to Media Create

Marty83704906d ago

Japan hate the X360 and Microsoft,that will never change.So the X360 will never be hot.Keep dreamin Xbots.

Ota4906d ago

Now, I really meant hot literally. You should calm down, you seem yourself a bit overheated.

death monk4906d ago (Edited 4906d ago )

I'm tired of people on both sides insulting other people. Just because I own an Xbox 360 doesn't mean I should be called an "xbot". I enjoy video games and I bought the system that best suits me. Is that a bad thing? People have their own preferences so lay off. I happen to play on a 19 inch computer monitor so high def drives don't matter to me. Can you play with VGA on your PS3 you love so much? Seriously I usually respect people's opinions, but your just a huge asshole. You're so one sided, it's incredible. Both systems have their strengths and they will both have good games. I, for one, happen to prefer the western developed games over Japanese developed games and love the 360. Good for you for liking the PS3 but there is no reason to insult people who bought a 360. Seriously, f*ck off.

UrbanJabroni4906d ago

A good way to tell whether or not to get upset about a post is to take a look at the number of bubbles the trolls have.

power of Green 4906d ago

Cut the price and they will "Hurry up and buy".

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