Nintendo Switch Root Keys Leaked Once Again

With the release of NVIDIA TSEC encryption, it had been almost impossible to jailbreak Nintendo Switch consoles — that is, until now with new method avoiding the enhanced security features that Nintendo had released to prevent players from exploiting the console again.

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XbladeTeddy53d ago

Any hardware gets hacked eventually. It's part of living in a technological world.

ManMarmalade53d ago

But what if I'm a barbie girl in a barbie world?

Blade9253d ago

With Plastic but Fantastic boobs?

dazzysima53d ago

Could be time to grab an OLED.

XbladeTeddy53d ago

Doom 3 on OLED is sweet. The darkness of the shadows are incredible and just make the screen so immersive, more so for me as I've never experienced an OLED before the Switch.

SegaSaturn66953d ago

This is great news for everyone. The switch is powerful enough to run retroarch extremely well. There are a couple games with built in saturn emulators too where you can insert games with excellent performance iirc.