Halo Infinite could be getting weapon variants, datamine reveals

Despite more than 20 weapons in the game already, it looks like Halo Infinite’s best guns list could be getting even bigger soon, with weapon variants making a comeback. Last seen in Halo 5: Guardians, weapon variants tweak the stats of some of the strongest weapons in the game and make them better at handling, damage output, or holding bullets.

The Halo Infinite weapon variants that have been datamined by ‘GreenKnight’ and ‘HaloNoticiasMX’ on Twitter list more than a dozen weapons which could get new versions in a future update from 343 Industries.

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SinisterMister64d ago

I'll welcome that. More variety never hurts!

Zombieburger63864d ago

just give us more weapons! DMR, Fuel Rod and Brute Shot should all come back!

Tacoboto63d ago

I'd be happy with the SMG, Brute Plasma Rifle, and Spiker all coming back.

Father__Merrin64d ago

Good need wep variety and attachments for custom guns wish it was more faster paced though but main thing for me is far too long time to kill with standard weps

ChubbyBlade63d ago

We get it you don’t like halo games.

Tacoboto63d ago

I'm sure SWAT will return in an event week or something, then you can play pretend that Halo is COD.

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