PS+ Games for December 2021 Lineup Has Been Leaked

The PS+ Games for December 2021 have been leaked, and given the track record of the leaker, this should be a legit deal.

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Nakiro12d ago

If this turns out to be correct, it's looking like a solid month as far as I am concerned.

OtterX12d ago

Yea, Godfall is dumb fun if you like lootfests and.the combat actually isn't half bad! I have enjoyed it, going into it with my expectations lowered with the reviews. By no means an amazing game, but worth trying if you're into those kinds of games.

RpgSama12d ago

If that turns out to be the Ps+ month, quite cool, I know Godfall had some issues at launch, hopefully by now I get to play the better version of the game, looks like a solid 7.

Mortal Shell just icing on the cake.

SullysCigar12d ago

It's certainly pretty and yes, they've patched it up nicely since launch.

I was kind of expecting Godfall to be a PS Plus title, but it's definitely a welcome one nonetheless.

Silly Mammo12d ago

I've been interested in trying out Godfall, but was going to wait until Black Friday to see if I could get it cheap. Hopefully the rumor is true.

dbcoops12d ago

I feel like it will be a similar experience to the one I had for Knack, when all those people who most likely didn't even have the actual console required to play it on did everything they could to downplay it and call it a bad a game but when I did finally play it once it came to PS+ it actually turned out to be a very fun and enjoyable platformer similar to the classic platformer games from the past.

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BlackDoomAx11d ago

It will be true, he's always right ;)

darthv7212d ago (Edited 12d ago )

XB getting a lego game in Nov and PS getting a lego game in Dec... must be a lego holiday season.

TGGJustin12d ago

Well Xbox has a history of giving them away. I can't remember the last time PlayStation Plus gave a LEGO game.

darthv7212d ago (Edited 12d ago )

I had to look it up but the vita got lego batman 2 and harry potter way back in 2014. But yeah you are right about xb and lego. I count 5 times. Lego star wars 3, Lego nijago, lego indiana jones, lego batman (before this one) and then lego batman 2.

TGGJustin12d ago

Been more than that for sure because I own almost every single Xbox 360 Lego game and pretty sure I didn't buy any of them.

MrNinosan12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

I have "tons" of Lego games through PSNow.

OtterX12d ago

dang, I guessed Lego Incredibles on my Lego bingo card.

ElvisHuxley12d ago

I'll take it, been wanting to try Godfall.

UnSelf12d ago

Can’t wait to try Godfail

philm8712d ago

Hope Mortal Shell is the PS5 version, one I was planning to pick up at some point.

Nakiro12d ago

The version here seems to be PS4 version. Upgrading to PS5 is free when you buy the game so it would be nice if that was the case here as well.

CobraKai11d ago

Would it be like FF7 tho? Where if you got the ps+ version, you couldn’t upgrade.

LucasRuinedChildhood12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Yeah, I've wanted to get the PS5 version of this so just getting the PS4 version with no upgrade path would be kind of pointless. Hope the free PS5 upgrade path hasn't been disabled for this.

The Persistence let you upgrade for free to the PS5 version, so ... maybe.

Petebloodyonion12d ago

Well any month that I grab games that aren't in my current library is a good month :)

Shiro17312d ago

Why would it be disable? Lol

blackblades12d ago

@shiro because a certain other game upgrade got disable Jesus man

northpaws12d ago


Because if you buy the upgrade, and then unsubscribe PS Plus... it would lock you out from something you paid for because you don't own the base game now, people would complain.

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