Scrabble Invites Trouble with Nintendo DS

Tech Tree writes: "Popular word game Scrabble has come under fire for containing crude, slang and abusive terms in its Nintendo DS version.

Tonya Carrington-Anderson, the mother of an 8-year-old boy, told Daily Mail that she had bought the DS version of Scrabble to improve the vocabulary of her son.

When she checked the game on the DS console, Tonya said, she was horrified to find the animated characters spewing terms containing crude, slang and abusive terms. Scrabble 2007 Edition carries 3+ on the box without any advisory warning about the adult language.

On contacting the store from where she had bought the game, Tonya was asked to speak to Nintendo who, in turn, asked her to talk with Ubisoft, the game publisher. Ubisoft spokesperson said, "We are sorry the game has caused concern, but it includes a "junior" option that stops it from using unusual or offensive words."

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