Chinese Government Suspends League of Legends Owner Tencent From Updating Apps

Following regulation for 'mega' companies, the Chinese government has suspended Riot owner Tencent from updating or launching apps.

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Jin_Sakai12d ago

That’s the Chinese Communist government alright.

roadkillers11d ago

Good Tencent sucks. People are complaining about Activision and EA... Tencent is worse than these two.

BrainSyphoned12d ago

That's nice of the Chinese Government to save those communist loving developers from the evils of crunch.

S2Killinit12d ago

But isn't Tencent One of their own?

gamer780412d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Everything is owned by the government this is why we don’t want to government to own the means of production.

12d ago
blacktiger12d ago

WWE 3.0 Vince McMahon still the owner

Inverno12d ago

Tencent flying too close to the sun and CCP ain't liking it

ZwVw11d ago

Explains the recent scenario of Tencent subsidiary (TiMi) opening a development studio in Seattle. With the mobile market being Tencent's main bread and with China's recent mobile gaming crackdown, they see the writing on the wall and are swiftly putting the wheels in motion for plan b.

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