The Hour Review: Tomb Raider Underworld

Bill Hutchens writes: "Val Kilmer's Doc Holiday had what might be the best breakup line ever in the movie "Tombstone." After he's told that continued fast living will kill him, he takes one look at his best girl, Big Nose Kate, and says "Darlin', I'm afraid we must redefine the nature of our association."

Lara Croft, if you were any other videogame girl, I'd have to tell you the same thing.

If I hadn't invested hour upon hour playing the early bar-setting "Tomb Raider" games and kept up with more recent ones; if I hadn't become so enamored with Lara's impossibly curvy comic-book heroine form; if her new game offered anything less than the continuance of a storyline cut short in the previous one."

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OGharryjoysticks3598d ago

Then it became the worst game I've played in years. The gun play is so bad they should have left it out completely.