Skyrim Anniversary Edition Comparison: High Draw Distance on Series X, Native 4K Resolution on PS5

A new The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition comparison has been shared online today, highlighting the differences between all versions of the game.

The comparison, which has been shared on YouTube by ElAnalistaDeBits, confirms that the PlayStation 5 version is the only one running at native 4K resolution, as the game runs at dynamic 2160p on Xbox Series X and dynamic 1440p on Xbox Series S. The Xbox Series X version, however, features a higher draw distance that is sometimes even higher than that of the PC version.

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SullysCigar13d ago

And the same bugs from PS360 era on all versions.

Pots2213d ago

The bugs are part of the experience now.

They were never fixed because they were never really game breaking but create great viral content.

SullysCigar13d ago

Tell that to my save game sitting at 99% complete because I chose to pick up a ring instead of a werewolf pelt and can't now complete one of the quests.

Pots2212d ago

I have like 20+ saves going per play through to ensure I don't get into this kind a problem. The fact you can save at any point is even easier.

I feel bad that happened to you, but multiple save files are a standard thing to do with massive RPGs like this Fallout or the Witcher etc. These games are overly complex so its hard to make every small deviation work perfectly.

SullysCigar12d ago

Lol that's a crazy take.

First of all, you shouldn't have to have multiple save files - especially if you waited 5 years after launch to play the game, as I did due to all the complaints about broken quests in the first year or so.

Secondly, because I'd heard of the problems, I DID have multiple save files. It didn't help at all, because I played that quest around 20 hours into a 200+ hour play through and obviously worked out right at the last that I couldn't complete the quest unless I was to replay from the 20-odd hour mark!

I've honestly not bothered with a Bethesda game since. It was all over their forums - they were well aware - and they just didn't bother to fix it.

Pots2212d ago

Fair enough that does sound annoying, but if you played for 200+ hours I doubt the game was all bad.

11d ago
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cliveo3212d ago (Edited 12d ago )

not much of a upgrade tbh

Muigi12d ago

Again the PS4 Pro version already ran at a native 4k…they literally just added 60fps.

dbcoops12d ago

Resolution > Draw Distance

DarXyde12d ago

I disagree.

I really don't care about resolution much. Iron out the technicals before we start doing any image sharpening.

I'd give the win to Xbox here.

dbcoops11d ago

Lol, had a feeling the goal post would get moved.

Eonjay11d ago

Actually no draw distance is better as long as it doesn't tank the res and framerate.

DarXyde12d ago

Draw distance > native 4k.

Sounds like the Series X version got the better end of this deal.

Darkborn11d ago

Bit I thought every game the beast that eats monsters for breakfast was going to have native 4k. Or maybe that's just more bs talk from Phil.

DarXyde11d ago

I don't care about any of that lol.

It's PR talk, what else you got? That goes in both directions, if we're being candid.

You make it sound like there's no chance of an update for full 4K.

WillyC00911d ago

No chance for an update to draw distance then huh?

Enjoyed the chuckle at your posts DarXyde.

DarXyde11d ago


"No chance for an update to draw distance then huh?"

Don't be that person. I'm very clearly replying specifically to a comment on native 4K inclusion. The point about draw distance is tertiary and not at all in the discourse with Darkborn. Moreover, never did I ever even suggest that there wouldn't be a draw distance update for PS5. I suspect there will be, but again, that simply wasn't my point.

You're either a muppet or you're acting disingenuously with that comment. I lean toward the latter.

"Enjoyed the chuckle at your posts DarXyde."

Cool, cheers.

WillyC00910d ago

Not sure if you just have this sort of personality or not. Hard to tell on the internet, but I was more just poking fun then anything. To be fair, I should have added the sarcasm indicator.

In regards to this game, I couldn’t care less anyway because I think this game is largely an overrated pile of you know what. Bethesda haven’t made a quality game since Oblivion. People arguing over small things on this game….who cares.

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dbcoops11d ago

Sounds like you're moving goal posts because that's not what xbox fans have been saying for ages now.

DarXyde11d ago

I'm not an Xbox fan, mate.

I don't care about that stuff. I've been saying for ages that I care far more about pretty much everything else above resolution. I didn't care about PS4's resolution advantage over Xbox One, I didn't care about the resolution advantage of Xbox One X over PS4 Pro, and I certainly don't care now when it switches back and forth.

If the fanboy narrative is changing, I don't care. My position remains the same.

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