Sabotaging the Sony Playstation 3 market?

Over the past few months, Sonny Bunch of the Washington Times has grown to love his PS3. The image it puts out is, frankly, stunning: Combining it with a 1080p HDTV is the closest thing you're going to find to film for your home theater short of building a projector into the wall behind your couch. That is why Sonny Bunch is so depressed that Sony seems bound and determined to do everything in its power to hinder the market penetration of the system in particular and Blu-ray in general.

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Darkseider3600d ago

It is another Blu-Ray is dead/dying article in disguise!

rucky3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Yep pretty much. I kinda agreed with the stuffs he said at the beginning of his article but in the end it all just came down to Blu ray not doing well yada yada yada...

The paragraph below pretty much sums everything up about the article.

"Without such a shift, the format might perish. Market penetration remains low, and every month people don't buy a Blu-ray player is a month they get closer to downloadable HD movies and the death of the format as a whole. Sony would be wise to step it up and do a better job at getting Blu-ray players into people's homes."

Simon_Brezhnev3600d ago

lmao u right i wish it would stop but like always they make it seem like Sony the root of all evil lol

Nathaniel_Drake3600d ago

The ironic thing is if there wasn't any of these articles we should be worried about Sony and the PS3 staying, Sony keeps getting press over and over again about each step they make because of how successful they have been in the gaming market and continue to be, it's not unusual to have criticism bestowed upon the best of a profession

3600d ago
mirroredderorrim3600d ago

I agree. Sony does not even need to advertise Blu-Ray. All the Blu-group is doing it for them. On the Dark knight it specifically says PS3 and Blu-Ray players, in terms of what the disc can be played on.

Throw this article out. The only problem I think Sony has is their marketing for their games.

Their partners help sell the PS3 and Blu-Ray players ingeneral while they should focus on games marketing and even get their partners on board for 1st party marketing.

MS's best strat. has been to market both first and 3rd party games to their system, making it seem that some games are ONLY on Xbox 360, when they are on both. Crude tactic, but I think Sony has a lot of power here, in terms of marketing, what they are waiting for?

That's when it becomes hard to imagine, but the possibilities, obvious.

kingOVsticks3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Sony isn't marketing the PS3 well enough, when it comes down to the majority of parents or people in general looking to get a gaming system no nothing about it the PS3. Sony has to educate gamers and casuals about the PS3 capabilities other then it being a blu ray player. If I had absolutely had no knowledge about video games and saw a commercial that showed a whole bunch of random things happening and a gaming machine at the end with a price tag of 400 bucks,I wouldn't touch the thing.But if people saw a commercial justifying the 400 dollar price tag by mentioning features like free online,HOME,built in blu ray player,wi fi,web browser etc I'll think 400 dollars is a bargain. EDUCATE THE PEOPLE SONY!!! BRAND RECOGNITION ISNT ENOUGH IN TODAYS ECONOMY!!!

Mainman3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

I dont know how it is in America but here in Holland (Europe), I see alot of Blu-ray movie commercials for Dark Night, Wall-E, Hancock.

Then after they've shown these commercials, a non related commercials apears. After that there is a PS3 commercial. Guy is simply saying, "watch the Dark Night (depending on which commercial they've shown) Blu-ray on your PS3" etc.

Also there is an indivual PS3 Blu-ray commercial showing off a vide variety of Blu-ray movies. I didnt even mention the PS3 Game commercials.

But what came shocking to me was a Guitar Hero commercial. I saw it a couple times for the PS3. Then a few days ago I saw the EXACT SAME commercial but it was for the 360. Both Sony and MS were using the exact same Rockband commercial.

DiabloRising3600d ago

I find it hilarious that things like this are written.

Does Sony need a price drop? Yes.
Do they need to improve marketing? Yes.

So talk about those. Focus on those. But to start drawing these tangential and BS "arguments" out of no where is just poor journalism.

I see about 5 - 6 BD commercials a day. I see EVERY new movie release mention the BluRay and DVD. Sales are there. Recession is there too. DVD didn't take over in one night, how quick people forget.

And now its a mistake because NETFLIX isn't offered? I'm sorry, but I thought gamers wanted GAMES, not movie services? Can you make up your minds already, or is it just "hate the PS3 no matter what" as the angle?

khellendros13600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

I've been saying this over and aver again. Sony doesn't need to drop the price. Let just say Sony will sell 7 million units this year at $399? At this price Sony either breaks even or makes $1(hypothetical). Ok ,if Sony had dropped the price to say $299 and sold 12 million units this year and lost $100 that's what most people would have wanted. If you owned Sony would you want to sell 7 million units without losing money or even making 7 million in sales or would want to sell 12 million units and lose 1.2 billion. If they dropped it to $349 then cut that in half. That's still 600 million in losses. Is it better to be the market leader and lose money or sit where you are and make money? Yes they would make some of that money up in game sales but at keeping it a $399 they still would make more money.

JRaptor3599d ago

bubbles for you khellendros.

It's easy for us consumers to say drop the price, but it has to be a business decision in the interest of making a profit, not winning some fanboy console war. I'm sure Sony want to be able to drop the price to ensure the long term viability of their console, but if that has to wait a few more months until it is profitable then so be it. Right now they are tracking well against the 360 with the launches aligned, so there isn't a huge deal to worry about in the short term.

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