Relic: No install limits for Dawn of War 2

There will be no install limits for hotly anticipated PC-exclusive RTS Dawn of War 2, Relic has said.

Speaking in an interview with, to be published next week, associate producer Jeff Lydell said that while the developer is "looking at some form of DRM" for the title, it "wants people to be able to play their games on multiple PCs".

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TheIneffableBob3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Steam DRM would be nice. :D
Empire: Total War is using it.

Charlie26883600d ago

Good, the word of the Emperor has no limit!


Keele3600d ago

That pic is something Nasim would like from a Sony worker.

zonetrooper53600d ago

I love the Company of Heroes games from Relic, good to see they know what good DRM is.

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