Here are all the Golden Joystick Awards 2021 winners

GamesRadar writes: It was a very good night for Resident Evil Village which took home four awards.

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Orchard58d ago

Some weird decisions in there for sure. Capcom is studio of the year? And RE Village as the best PS game?

Ezio204858d ago

It's all voted by public. People must have voted for RE in best PS game :D

The only non public award is Critic's choice goty which went to Deathloop

Orchard58d ago

Ah that makes sense. I mean in my head I can’t think of much capcom did this year beyond RE and yes RE village was a good game but not the best game on any platform :p

58d ago
-Foxtrot58d ago


Oh and best performer?

She only really got the edge because of how they turned Lady D into a big online meme, she wasn’t even in it that long

7Cris758d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Congrats to Capcom and Re Village. This news gonna anger a certain someone here on N4G lol

Father__Merrin58d ago

Best Storytelling - Life is Strange: True Colors
Best Multiplayer Game - It Takes Two
Best Audio - Resident Evil: Village
Best Visual Design - Ratchet and Clank:
Best Game Expansion - Ghost of Tsushima:
Mobile Game of the Year - League ofLegends
Best Gaming Hardware - PS5
Best Indie Game - Death's Door
Studio of the Year - Capcom
Best Performer - Maggie Robertson
Breakthrough Award - Housemarque
Best Game Community - Final Fantasy 14
Still Playing Award - Final Fantasy 14
PC Game of the Year - Hitman 3
Nintendo Game of the Year - Metroid Dread
Xbox Game of the Year - Psychonauts 2
PlayStation Game of the Year - Resident Evil8
Most Wanted Game - Elden Ring
Critics Choice Award - Deathloop
Ultimate Game of the Year - Resident Evil 8
Ultimate Hardware of All Time - PC
Ultimate Game of All Time - Dark Souls

PS-Gamer-198658d ago (Edited 58d ago )

"Best Gaming Hardware - PS5"

As a totally unbiased gamer i agree with that

Father__Merrin58d ago

The ultimate hardware of all time is laughable.

PS-Gamer-198658d ago (Edited 58d ago )

@Father _Merrin

Amazing to think that the ultimate hardware of all time purpose in my house in at least half a decade was to write a letter now and then, flash a handfull of android phones and to do my annual tax declaration on it. But at that it's going strong💪

victorMaje58d ago

Congrats to all.
Haven’t played RE8 yet but Returnal would be my PS GOTY. Visuals, biomes, gameplay, sounds, & dualsense made for a truly remarkable experience.

badz14958d ago

I don't get it. RE8 is a multiplat, but it's not the best game on XBOX and not the best game on PC but somehow it won GoTY?

victorMaje58d ago

I think Gaming awards should start adding Best AI in a game, best physics, best enemy encounter, best boss battle, best level design, & best gameplay mechanic.

58d ago
Muigi58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Not gonna lie I voted for RE Village too. Im glad Hitman 3 got some love too.

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