CoD pros want serious changes after Halo Infinite esports starts with a bang

On November 21, the first-ever Halo Infinite online tournaments rounded out with some incredible action across all regions — and top Call of Duty pros and personalities were struck by the success of it.

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ColtPSSX56d ago

Halo has always been better in esport compare to COD.

Snookies1256d ago

The game-play is just so good... Definitely didn't go into it expecting it to be so fun. Now we just need more content, maps, game modes, etc.

Gaming4Life198155d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Completely agree the gameplay just feels so good. The guns all feel great to, I'm not sure what people want tweaked but I'm liking everything so far gameplay wise. The new Fiesta Playlist is super fun, I can't stop playing.

I played halo for like a hour and then turned on bf 2042 and was highly disappointed in bf gameplay.

The xp progression system still needs to be better.

XiNatsuDragnel56d ago

Now COD pros want Change! COD now needs to step it up next year. I hope this is kick in the pants for the developers.

TheColbertinator56d ago

Rather play the new Halo than Vanguard.

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