Relic: PC gaming will never die

PC gaming will never die, the producer of upcoming PC only RTS Dawn of War 2 has bullishly claimed.

Speaking in an interview with, to be published next week, associate producer Jeff Lydell said that while game piracy is "not going away", as long as people want PCs they'll want PC games.

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BattleAxe3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

The glory days for PC gaming are over. Soon they will be lucky to get PS3 ports. PC gamers have "piracy" to blame for that.

Gun_Senshi3649d ago

Well X360 owners are Lucky to have PC Games. After all X360 is a wannable PC and all X360 "Exclusives" are BETTER on PC then X360 example Mass Effect and Bioshock.

So they are not a port of X360 its more X360 gets downgraded version.

Also Online of PC is way better and Free.

BattleAxe3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Just to correct one of your points, Bioshock is on the PS3 aswell. On top of that online for PS3 is free. I think that Killzone 2 and God of War 3 will impress alot of PC gamers. The best part is that I don't gave to upgrade my hardware.

Gun_Senshi3649d ago

Well I have a gaming PC and a PS3, getting a Wii...that way I can play the best from all worlds.

PS3 Exclusives cannot go on a Microsoft Platform. And what I meant is that generally the X360 exclusives are not just a bad port on PC, the PC version is the best.

evrfighter3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

I'm a pc gamer, I don't own either a ps3 or 360. I've seen KZ2 screenshots. They honestly. I mean honestly I don't know how to put this without sounding anti sony. But seriously they don't impress me. KZ2 to me looks like any other shooter that I've played on the pc. Just another game I'd play for a month with my friends and probably go back to cs once we got tired of it.

If you think pc gamers can be drawn by kz2 because of its graphics your dead wrong. You see kz2 doesn't hold a candle to crysis, graphics wise, and so it's just another halo clone to us. Don't get me wrong the only thing crysis has going for it is graphics, multiplayer blows, story is mediocre, gameplay is decent nothing to write home about. However pc gamers still play cs 1.6,quake 3 arena, cs source, bf2 more than the newer games being released and more than the newer titles on live or psn. It's a shame you never got to experience online gaming in all its glory. PC gamers are waiting for the next 1.6, quake 3 arena, cod2. KZ2 will not be it.

Everytime a new game is released, my team tries it, we want to make ourselves like it. But in the end we always go back to 1.6 and source. game dev's like EPIC and ID being at the forefront of pc gaming for years, failed to deliver with UT3 and Quake 4. Those games are bad, horrible even. Truly a disgrace to their name. In the end Epic and ID blamed piracy for their own shortcomings and mediocre games. Truth is PC Gamers have been there done that. Why buy a new title when the older games are more fun? This is something that works with console gamers and I won't ever understand why. To be able to force a weaker sequel to a game and actually make truckloads of money off it in the console market is odd to me.

NPD numbers mean jack squat in the pc gaming industry. it's been years since I've last bought a pc game in a box as me and my friends all order our games through steam. We all know NPD numbers do NOT include digital purchases in their reports.

As far as skill goes. your controller sensitivity better be high because average reaction time between my team is .5-.9 seconds and you can bet most of the twitch movements will end up leaving our crosshairs on your head without any sort of "auto-lock" whatsoever in that same timespan. This isn't a boast about mine or my teams skill. This is just about average-above average in the pc gaming side.

Graphics Whore3649d ago

Piracy isn't going away, it never will, neither with this gimmicks developers try to trick us with. The internet will just end up evolving into something no one will be able to control, it'll just end up being a portal into whatever we want freely, the sooner people realize you can't control something as massive as the internet we will be able to harness the true power.

If you think about it, what value does digital media really have, you can't hold it, touch it, feel it, it's intangible. You're pricing and taxing a commodity that barely exists. I mean the community and the foundation exist, people want to be paid for there work, yes, but it's much more than just what we can see. You'll see, one day the internet will be anything, I don't know if we'll be around but it's bigger than anything.

Proxy3649d ago

Especially when you consider games are developed and usually tested on PC.

Enjoying your favorite PS3 game? Remember, it was developed on a PC.

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HDgamer3649d ago

The sims and women. Not saying the sims is for women, I'm just simply saying that a lot of women play the sims as well as other games.

evrfighter3649d ago

agreed I play an mmo and have just as many girls in our vent as guys. I overheard my brother talkin in vent with some game he plays and there were actually MORE girls than guys in his vent. a lot of couples enjoy mmo'ing together.

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thor3649d ago

It might go mostly indie though. Though you have to say, if there are no games to pirate, then there won't be any pirates, so there's no one to pirate your game if you try and sell it. So there's a balance somewhere.

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