Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Game Sequel: Where Do They Go Next?

MP1st explores where Eidos Montreal can go with the Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy game sequel with different storylines and characters.

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CrimsonWing6952d ago

Man, I really hope this gets a sequel. Honestly, it’s still my GotY and I was one of those people who crapped all over it when they unveiled it at E3. Never would’ve thought I’d ever had been calling it Game of the Year.

Nitrowolf252d ago

Yeah same, low expectations, generally that it was going to flop

Glad I was proven wrong

Nakiro52d ago

I'm more curious as to where they go with the gameplay next time around. The obvious choice would be to make the other characters playable as well, perhaps even co-op.

I just hope it stays as a contained SP or co-op experience.

VerminSC52d ago

It’s $25 on Walmarts website if anyone is interested! I’ll probably pick it up, keep hearing good things

Sniperwithacause52d ago

Personally, I'd like to see the next game go with the Bordeands route.

Outlawzz52d ago

Had to pick this up on sale. I've heard nothing but good things so I hope it's a sequel. Doesn't seem like it sold too well.

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