PlayStation Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Filed by Former Employee

A PlayStation gender discrimination lawsuit has been filed by former employee Emma Majo, alleging that Sony discriminates against female employees.

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Christopher54d ago

Not an EEOC filing because "...came to an end earlier this year after the closure of an internal department."

Whether she has a legit claim or not, this will come off as just a grab for money via the threat of negative publicity after the closure of the entire department and not just her.

People really need to learn to use EEOC when they have issues, not years later. It really does affect this sort of stuff, even if it can be hard to think about it at the time. At least contact EEOC for help.

SullysCigar54d ago

Well said. This has 'storm in a teacup' written all over it, but it does make for a sensational headline, huh.

Darkborn54d ago

Especially when the journalists keep going after rumor after rumor and random leak after leak that mostly get debunked, just soley because it slanders playstation.

Orchard54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

@Sully I have a feeling the females on the receiving end of the treatment (if true) may disagree with you.

@Darkborn How is this a rumor or random leak? This articles source is a court document from the lawsuit that has been filed… that doesn’t mean Sony are guilty but it does mean that Sony being accused and the existence of the lawsuit are not “rumors”.

This whole tin foil hat theory about how the media is out to get PlayStation is becoming old. PlayStation probably receives the most positive media coverage of the big 3 - their games especially.

The media jumps on anything that’ll generate clicks regardless of company.

ColtPSSX54d ago


I do believe some people over exaggerate

But you must be blind if you think Sony gets the most praise lmao.
That’s Xbox, look how shitty they did all of last gen, but there was nothing but excuses. Sony has an average year and there is more doom article then MS had.

If anything MS gets more praised for doing the basic stuff Nintendo and Sony been doing.

Don’t kid your self if you think Sony gets the most praise. They are on top so people are more quick to write negative articles about them.
Like you said it brings in more click.

septemberindecember53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

@Darkborn @Colt

The media is not out to get Playstation. Playstation gets so many positive news articles, from review scores to sales statistics to even tech breakdowns. The top articles for this year also don't reflect your view at all. On the negative side for PS is 1) an article about voting Jim Ryan to leave, 2) saying Xbox Series S is a threat to PS, and 3) an article which states that their showcase was "good but not good enough". On the Xbox side the negative articles are 1) Why I Regret Buying an Xbox 2) 93% of Hades sales being on PS 3) Why the Xbox Series X is 2020's biggest disappointment 4) PS having a better Blu-Ray drive, and 5) Xbox having a form of always-online DRM.

I'm not saying that there are more negative articles from the media for Xbox than PS, but I definitely don't buy into this "media is on the attack" for PS or any company. Sometimes there is more negative news and sometimes there is more positive news. That's the way things ebb and flow.

ColtPSSX53d ago


When did I say the media is targeting Sony.

All I said was I disagree that Sony gets more praised then MS and I think it’s the other way around.

And looking at the top news for this year has nothing to do which console has more negative news. And positive news.

53d ago
53d ago
septemberindecember53d ago

Lol of course my comment gets downvoted to oblivion. Anything that goes against the narrative of poor little Sony getting picked on by the media. This site is ridiculous with it's community bias.

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gamer780453d ago

Sure that would be better but it’s very difficult to go up against peers and she has every right to defend herself legally. More people are gaining confidence after seeing the activision scandal, I think it’s more that than to assume she is money grabbing.

gunnerforlife53d ago

According to the lady she wasn't even part of the department when she was let go..

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I'm not making any judgments on this until more information comes out, but now that I think about it....I can't think of any females in lead roles at Playstation. I'm sure they exist, but they're rarely if ever present during Playstation showcases (If I'm wrong, please correct me).

Xbox has Sarah Bond, Bonnie Ross, Peggy Lo etc. All of them have appeared during Xbox's presentations.

I really hope this doesn't turn out to be a widespread issue at Playstation.

Sonyslave354d ago

Yup u do see woman at least in high position at Xbox in public view.

dbcoops54d ago Show
Orchard54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

@dbcoops Because they’re qualified - Sarah Bond has done a great job getting good content onto GamePass and as for Peggy Lo, back compat is awesome and is unrivaled in the industry.

Bonnie Ross? Well despite some missteps it appears 343 is onto a winner with Infinite.

Now how much impact do they have on a day to day basis? I don’t know but typically bad leadership = bad outcomes.

Also, they’re clearly more qualified than you and have nothing to prove to you 🤷

dbcoops54d ago


You think Sarah Bond or Peggy Lo is solely responsible for any of that? lol Big difference between sole decision making and being placed up front for PR purposes.

"Also, they’re clearly more qualified than you and have nothing to prove to you."

Couldn't help but be insulting and throw in your snide remark and personal attack could you? You don't know me or what I'm qualified for so if you want to share your on topic opinion feel free but keep the insults to yourself there's no place for them here.

Orchard54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

@dbcoops They both lead their respective departments - are you suggesting they don’t lead them on a day to day basis and are actually just put on show when conference season comes around because they’re female? 🤦‍♂️

Of course they are not solely responsible for game pass or back compat - no one is solely responsible for anything at a corporation - they lead teams. Do you think Jim Ryan or Mark Cerny are solely responsible for the PS5? Or that Reggie was solely responsible for the Switch? Or course not - but good leadership matters (see 2013 Xbox / Don Mattrick as an example…)

“ You don't know me or what I'm qualified for”

Are you an executive at one of the big games companies? Otherwise, you’re less qualified for the role than they are. I am less qualified too. That’s not an insult - that’s just fact.

dbcoops53d ago


"are you suggesting they don’t lead them on a day to day basis"

No you suggested it, I said they weren't solely responsible for anything you listed.

Me being or not being an executive at a game company has nothing to do with it, so your comment was just another attempt to insult. If being an executive at one of the "big games companies" is a requirement to comment here then I suggest we all find another site to spend our time on.

Orchard53d ago

@dbcoops Okay well if it’s an insult I guess I insulted both of us since I said neither of us are even remotely close to being qualified for their roles.

“ I said they weren't solely responsible for anything you listed”

Which is normal… games and games consoles are made by hundreds, if not thousands of people. No one person is responsible for anything unless it’s a one man indie studio.

Mark Cerny isn’t single-handedly responsible for the PS5, yet we all respect him for the leadership and design principles he brought to the overall product - since he wasn’t alone in the process does that mean we should start saying he’s just a useless figurehead? Or maybe your backwards logic doesn’t apply to white men 🤷

53d ago
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Fluke_Skywalker54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Amy Hennig was one leading lady at Naughty Dog (not directly PlayStation but owned by them). Although that seemed to go south and she was replaced by a couple of dudes 🤔

annoyedgamer54d ago

It ain't about the women for them. It's about ideology. Hence Christopher marking anyone arguing against it as innapropriate

Ryushaa54d ago

Take 5 minutes, 5 short minutes and search for women in position of power inside Playstation. I will give only one to kick off: The director of Santa Monica Studios is a woman

dbcoops54d ago

Shhh, dont go ruining the narrative they're working on here.

1Victor53d ago

@Ryushaa 5 minutes is a eternity to a troll🤷🏿

My_Name_is_Earl54d ago

Upvoted for Sarah 'Hands' Bond!

Christopher54d ago

What does appearing at presentations have to do with anything? What a silly measurement.

My_Name_is_Earl53d ago

Representation matters Chris. May I call you Chris? Chrismothy? Representation matters Chrismothy...that doesn't sound right, I'll call you Christopher.

Representation matters Christopher. Obviously what matters even more is the actual opportunities given to women and formally marginalized groups within a company.
It does however matter to a young woman who is looking into going into gaming to see women like her front and center during gaming conferences and the likes.
You might not share that sentiment because white guys in gaming are a dime a dozen but your experience isn't the only valid one.

Respectfully of course.

kayoss53d ago

If representation does matter, then every company on this planet is in trouble. Sony, microsoft, nintendo have thousands of employees. Some are LBGTQ+, some are hispanic, some are asian, some are black, some native indians, etc... I can tell you that 99% of them are not represented in any presentations.
Representation doesnt matter and i think you're confusing it with recognition. Recognition for their work is important because it leads to promotions, raise increase, and better resume.

Christopher52d ago

***Representation matters Christopher.***

You can't just say "representation matters" as if that covers all context. It doesn't. It's impossible to do that in all context, especially in the extremely niche arena of "people who are on state at E3."

*** Obviously what matters even more is the actual opportunities given to women and formally marginalized groups within a company.***

More than a few women have executive positions at Sony/Playstation.

***It does however matter to a young woman who is looking into going into gaming to see women like her front and center during gaming conferences and the likes.***

This employee worked outside of the gaming environment and more on backend server stuff. She wasn't there for gaming. Forr networking and hardware support.

***You might not share that sentiment because white guys in gaming are a dime a dozen but your experience isn't the only valid one.***

I have no issue with representation as a concept (have been called racist for supporting it on N4G), but that doesn't mean everyone gets represented by the 5 people who present on stage. That's just not how this silliness works. Nor is it the sole metric of whether a company hires a diverse set of employees.

KingofBandits54d ago

heres a better question, who cares? this whole "muh representation" thing has gone on long enough. you don't give women a job because they need to represent some token image. You give it to the best qualified and I guess for Sony internally thats mostly men. Oh well move on

ZombieGamerMan54d ago

Ah yes the real issues, I mean I know as someone who plays video games my biggest concern is female representation for a company I do not work for and get zero benefit if top ranking officials have a vagina.

Orbilator53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Be interesting to see how she came to this conclusion, and I'm not making any opinion on it.
Nobody in this day and age employs due to race/religion/sex or should have to to make there company seem less discriminatory. Why would anyone want to employ any body just because they have to? Seem like being held to ransom.

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AnotherGamer54d ago

I dunno...something feels bit odd about this one.

ColtPSSX54d ago

Sony in the last couple of years became to woke and focused on to many female lead to now discriminating females. I’m so confuse on what people are saying about them.

She worked 6 years it said and she couldn’t get a promotion. Idk something feels off.

Dandizzle54d ago

Well not being a great worker will also not get you promoted. Simply being employed for X amount of years does not guarantee you a promotion, and being disgruntled about being laid off along with your entire team. She certainly seems like a bitter ex employee.
I know a bunch of of people working under playstation, and from what I know it sounds very inclusive and accommodating, and genuinely a nice place to work.

gunnerforlife53d ago

Hmm i just read what she had to say, th team that got let go wasn't even her team.. Completely different department, basically a different department got let go and her.. Straight after she complained.

NealGamby54d ago

Maybe she just didn’t deserve a promotion. You know, call me crazy, but just because she’s a woman doesn’t mean she deserves one. There are such things as entitled undeserving employees.

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