How Elden Ring Appeals to Non-Souls Fans

Devin Rardin: Elden Ring’s smart design choices are appealing in that they boast a surprisingly welcome invite to an otherwise, intimidating world.

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zacfoldor55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

The stigma around the "difficulty" of these games has cost so many gamers the amazing sense of accomplishment and feeling of community these games provide. Very unfortunate, because after the initial learning curve, these games are not that hard and if you get stuck you can summon other decked out human players to help you beat tough bosses. It needs to seem hard at first, to create the proper power curve, so you can feel like Vegeta by the end.

CrimsonWing6955d ago

I get what you’re saying but that is not enjoyable for most. These games are hard, you may be amazing at it, but even for me I’ll come to walls that require me to push through damn near my breaking point. I love them! But you have to be realistic in that these are for a specific audience and not for everyone and it’s largely in part due to the difficulty and punishment for failure.

PixelOmen55d ago

Of course they're not for everyone, most games aren't. That said, I gotta agree with @zacfoldor, they're not really that difficult. The common sentiment that they're difficult is mostly because people conflate difficulty with impatience.

All the FromSoftware games (that I've played) really do, is severely punish you for not thinking about how you want to approach the situation. Usually that just means paying attention, learning patterns and waiting for the right moment. Very little of it has to do with actual difficulty. Try playing a fighting game against reasonably skilled people, now that's difficult.

For the record, I'm not a fan of most Souls games because I'm not into the tone/atmosphere, but I really loved Sekiro.

Vithar55d ago

community? lol if someone you talks about difficulty you don't get help, you get "git gud"

Muigi55d ago

People were nice on the ps communities app on PS4, Beat the last boss on Bloodbornes DLC thanks to them lol.

Ninver55d ago

Upvote for referencing the prince of sayain race.

TinkerNation55d ago

Not everyone has as much time for gaming. Work, family, kids, often doesn't leave that much free time. And when you only get short periods of play, infrequently, it is difficult to also learn a game with as steep of a learning curve, when you get maybe a couple of hours a week to play.

Nacho_Z55d ago

There are lots of games I ignore because they aren't for me and that's fine. I don't expect every game to anticipate what I'm looking for.

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Vladtheinhaler55d ago

I played Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls for hours but never got really far into them before giving up. This was mainly due to simply not having enough time due to work and family.

anast55d ago

I beat Dark Souls 3 in 5 months and it took me 8 to plat. Bloodborne because of Kos and I too have stuff to do, but I like these games. So, on my down time I would put an hour or so. Sometimes, I would only play for 30 minutes and grind for souls or something. I think "giving up" mainly has to do more with what we prefer to do in our limited free time than anything else.

Einhander197155d ago

Bought Demons souls for my PS5 last Xmas, played a few times. It's not so much the difficulty it's the starting all over again nonsense. Haven't got the time or patience for these games.

UnSelf55d ago

Souls games aren’t hard they’re just SLOW. Sekiro’s fast pacedness is the sole reason its the only Souls game I played bought finished liked and loved.