Harmonix is Joining the Epic Games Family

Harmonix, best known for their work on the Rock Band franchise, has announced that they're becoming a part of the Epic Games family.

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-Foxtrot185d ago

"to create musical journeys and gameplay for Fortnite"

Really? Jesus...

Jin_Sakai185d ago

Honestly can’t wait until this game dies. Only then will Epic do something new.

Rachel_Alucard185d ago

I don't get how people complained that Valve never released any games for years as an argument when defending Epic, and here's Epic just constantly revolving around one game, producing nothing else and trying desperately to keep retention on it by having over the top crossovers to stay in the news and social media. At least Valve knows how to make games instead of lucky shots.

-Foxtrot185d ago

It will never die sadly

If I have to be super blunt...there's too many idiots who buy into it.

I shit you not, I have someone on Twitter, a "friend" if you will, constantly complaining about needing money for gas, electric and to basically live, then when something Fortnite related comes out he then asks for money to buy the next Fortnite skins/pack. I mean who the f*** does that? "I need money to survive but if someone Fortnite related comes out I'll buy that instead rather than saving the left over money". The developers of this game must be laughing themselves all away to the bank.

I just think it's amazing how most of us as kids jumped from game to game, a variety of genres and experiences while today it's literally just COD, Fortnite, Fifa etc.

XbladeTeddy185d ago (Edited 185d ago )

@Rachel: How have Epic had lucky shots? You don't create a great game by being lucky you create them by being talented. I don't care for Fortnite, not my kind of game, but talent is talent. They made great games before Fortnite too you know.

TheRealTedCruz185d ago


As someone who is far from a fan of Epic anymore ... was Gears, Unreal, and Unreal Tournament nothing more than lucky shots as well?

Rachel_Alucard185d ago (Edited 185d ago )


They had almost 8 years of failures after Gears 3. They had failed to gauge any interest in IPs like Paragon and that Unreal Alpha they barely touched. Finally released Fortnite, but then they spent 3 months making a copy of a popular game at the time which was PUBG that everyone wanted to play. The problem was Pubg required expensive PC hardware and it was $30. But here comes fortnite with a free 2 play version, and all on console. It was the perfect chance to eat up what PUBG failed to do. They just got a lucky chance and seized it, that's it. It's no wonder they immediately canceled all their current projects including pushing STW off the focus over time to push their BR mode the game wasn't originally designed around. There entire company is built up all around Fortnite, but rather then make new games that bring in that same revenue, they would rather just buy up other companies and market share because I believe Tim doesn't trust his companies ability to produce another hit like Fortnite. If they are so talented then why do they not trust themselves to make new games with that great talent? At least Valve tries developing new games even with Steam protecting their revenue.

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porkChop185d ago

Oh ffs. Here I was hoping we'd get a new rhythm IP, but nope, just more Fortnite.

Ausbo185d ago

Fortnite support studio. Unbelievable

BlaqMagiq1185d ago

Which means we will never get a Rock Band 5. Sigh.

TheColbertinator185d ago

Too bad they won't produce new instruments

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