Halo Director Discusses Extra Year of Development, the Bungie Days, and More

IGN : Welcome to IGN Unfiltered, our (somewhat) regularly occurring interview series where we sit down with the best, brightest, and most fascinating minds in the video game industry. (Catch up on the other 60 episodes here.) My guest this episode is Halo Infinite head of creative and longtime Bungie writer Joseph Staten. In this career-spanning interview, Staten discusses his unique path into the video game industry, the early days of Halo at Bungie, helping create Destiny, and how he's affected Halo Infinite since joining the team in 2020 just prior to the one-year delay.

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SullysCigar55d ago

It's an extra 18 months of development for those of us waiting on the co-op mode.

Honestly, there's much to love about it and the delay was worth it in many regards, but my God this was a developmental sh!t show and a money pit.

darthv7255d ago

delays suck but sometimes it is for the best. And this was certainly for the best. Im not one for co-op but for those, its just a tad longer. And while you wait... you can play through the main campaign and scope out how you might play it with friends when co-op does arrive.

SenorFartCushion55d ago

“Wow, we had an extra year of development, they finally let us for once!”