Star Citizen IAE 2951 Day 5 Is All About Seriously Big Guns As Crowdfunding Passes $404 Million

Today Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games opened the fifth day of the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2951 with a new trailer.

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rlow1184d ago

Please let the insanity end….. release a game!

dbcoops184d ago

But if they crowd fund forever they can fund their extravagant lifestyles at the expense of the people they are scamming. They have zero incentive to do anything other than what they are doing when it seems like the crowd funding goes up by millions on a damn near daily basis. Personally I cannot wait for the breach of trust lawsuits to begin.

Godmars290184d ago

But, are they living "extravagant" lifestyles? If so who out of the dev team cause some of that money has to go into making something. If only these damn videos.

Be funny if they hire out for those...

Lionsguard184d ago

If this is a scam, releasing a game would be the stupidest thing they could ever do. As long as they keep adding features and never release, staying in a perpetual alpha state, they'll never have to answer to any scrutiny or reviews which would expose them as the largest fraudsters the gaming community has ever had.

PCgamer98184d ago

They won't. Releasing the game means people now are free to criticize the game for what it is and its state. They wont be able to hide behind the "it's alpha" excuse anymore. Not releasing the game and they can keep this gravy train rolling as long as they possibly can.

AuraAbjure184d ago

What in the world is the time frame for this game's completion?

7Cris7184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

Callin' it. It's scam of the century.
and lol at the dislikes on every comment here, probably someone from the pathetic PeeCee Mustard Race crowd.