NieR Replicant Is the Most Video Gamey Game of The Year

Cultured Vultures: "In thinking about what made a game from 2021 a game of the year, I found the remake of the 2010 PS3 action RPG Nier to be a contender for one simple reason: of all the video games I played this year, Nier Replicant is by far the most video gamey video game."

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SDuck57d ago

video gamey isn't a term, OP. It doesn't look good in the title and it looks worse in the first paragraph. As for the article, it just seems like a late review, not an explanation on why this is the best game this year. Doesn't Metroid Dread for example also give out old school "video gamey" vibes?

Levii_9257d ago

Yeah but there's also Returnal, Metroid Dread, Village maybe even Rift Apart. Those were video gamey as hell too.. i love it. More games like that please.

gamer780457d ago

None of those I think warrant goty… nier is far more interesting

13sentinel57d ago

Ratchet and clank and returnal most certainly do.

CS757d ago

I disagree with the term “video gamey”.

What the hell is “video gamey”. All video games are video gamey. Look how ridiculous it sounds when you transfer it to other mediums.

This book was the most booky book of the year
This song was the most songy song of the year
The movie was the most movie-ey movie of the year


Levii_9257d ago (Edited 57d ago )

@gamer7804 Who said anything about these games being GOTY. I said just video gamey AF. The way i personaly like them to be.

@CS7 Would you say TLOU2 was video gamey ? No. Those kinds of games are Mario Odyssey, BOTW and the ones i already mentiond. Get it now ?

CrimsonWing6956d ago

I’m sorry but how is The Last of Us 2 not video gamey? It’s a video game for chrissakes

Inverno57d ago

They said of all the games THEY played this one stood out the most. No need to feel like your favorite game so far is being attacked cause this isn't an article praising it