Resident Evil Village Is Peak Horror Goofiness

In a lot of ways, Village is Resident Evil at its silliest, and it’s frankly one of the best entries in the entire series.

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CrimsonWing6953d ago

Yea, I enjoyed the game, but at this point Resident Evil is starting to feel unrecognizable. I’d like for them to pull it back to Umbrella and Viruses that produce Tyrants and G-Mutants. The whole mold thing really lost me and the Magneto dude was a bit much. Cool game though, just if you’re a hardcore RE fan the story really feels like it takes place in some other world.

ScootaKuH53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

I just got this game for PS5 in a sale and while it's a definite improvement on RE7 I really do think it's one of the worst mainline Resident Evil games. Sure it looks nice but it has zero atmosphere. I get that it's more action orientated but that doesn't mean it can't still also be a horror, but for me that's all gone. And don't get me started on the nasty sluggish controls!

And werewolves and vampires? No. This isn't Resident Evil at all.

The only positive is that I'm glad it only cost me £24 and not £60