Gamepyre Review: SPORE Creepy and Cute Parts Pack

Gamepyre writes: "The very 1st expansion pack to the famous Spore, Spore – Creepy & Cute was just released, and it could have not come at a better time. Earlier today I just received a new graphics card in the mail, but before I will install it in my PC I want to review the new Spore expansion while it is guaranteed to work. Once I'm done with the review, I will install the new graphics card and find out for myself if even such a minor alteration to my PC will deem my version of Spore unplayable. Last time I played Spore I was not very creative. I had a carnivorous creature and since I was a predator I tried my hardest to make my creature look ferocious. This time I will try something totally different. I am going to design the cutest and cuddliest creature that I can come up with, but I will make it just as vicious and if I have the time I will turn my most deranged creature into an herbivore. While EA has some serious issues with trust and respect for the gamers, I really can't blame Spore for EA's actions. Anyhow, before I use up all my allocated space on the introduction, now it is the perfect time to focus on the actual game."

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