New Yakuza studio series head discusses future of series, confirms more Judgment and Ichiban coming

New Yakuza series Ryu ga Gotoku Studio head Yokoyama confirmed more Ichiban and Judgment while discussing the studio and series' future.

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SimpleSlave62d ago

As long as Judgment continues since it is now the good one with the great combat system. Turn Based just sucks.

georeo62d ago

It doesn’t suck, it’s just not your type of game which is ok. Like a dragon was actually good.

SimpleSlave62d ago

Since Yakuza was never a Turned Based game, what they did was absolutely ridiculous. An abomination if you will. It flat out sucks. Maybe the system would have been awesome for Person or Final Fantasy but not for Yakuza. They changed the genre when it wasn't needed. But JRPG fans will JRPG shit and it seems they made Yakuza sell well enough that it made Sega shift gears.

Here's hoping Judgment sticks around for the long haul and doesn't get debased as well.

pietro121261d ago

Yakuza going turn based is the best thing to happen to the series

GamingSinceForever61d ago

I'm not into turn based gameplay but I cannot argue this point. I love the Yakuza games for the story, but the combat is unnecessarily clunky and challenging. So maybe the turn based makes things feel more fair.

SimpleSlave61d ago

What are you talking about? Who the hell wanted the series to be sullied like this? Yakuza was one of the greatest, hard hitting drama/brawlers of all time and that system is what brought it to the dance. Can't wait until it is tuned into a card battle game or a visual novel so you ppl can start squealing with excitement.

Like I said, hope Judgement keeps going and doesn't get neutered like the Yakuza series did.

pietro121261d ago

“hell wanted the series to be sullied like this?” Like a Dragon is the best selling entry so a lot of people wanted the JRPG like gameplay

andy8561d ago

I thought it was fantastic. Didn't it get the highest sales of the says a lot. But I still like the old combat system. People crave turn based games