Nintendo Issues Internal Response to Activision-Blizzard Reports

Nintendo of America sent an email last Friday describing the Activision-Blizzard harassment reports as "disturbing."

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XiNatsuDragnel57d ago

When you get Nintendo disturbed Activision I thinking fire Bobby should be your option at this point in my opinion.

SullysCigar57d ago

Yes, Nintendo completes the set for a full house. You can't win this one Bobby - best get your coat.

Next up: Randy Pitchford!

porkChop57d ago

Man, the entire industry is disgusted by Activision at this point. When your own business/marketing partners are speaking against you that is a very bad sign. Activision needs to cut Bobby and the other execs loose. The longer they hold out the worse it's going to get.

execution1757d ago

🙏 hope this is the eventual end of cod

Inverno57d ago

That's small fry. It needs to set the example to end horrible/toxic working environment band conditions. Though I don't doubt COD plays a role somehow. I never could wrap my head around being forced to work on nothing but one series for the rest of my career as gaming dev.

Si-Fly57d ago

What? Hopefully this is the end of marginalisation and sexism within Blizzard Activision, surely that’s what’s important here?

artgamer57d ago

Haha, they thought this was gonna go away.

LoveSpuds57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo are complete cowards in respect of their response to these Activision revelations. All of them have stuck with internal emails or memos which then get 'leaked' to the media rather than coming out against Bobby Kotick with full blooded public statements.

The big three want their cake and to eat it as far as I am concerned, they want the community to think they are responding to the accusations but don't want to rock the boat too much and fall out with Activision either. Absolutely shameful from the execs in my view.

LoveSpuds57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

In what way am I am prima-donna, I have said nothing that suggests I have an inflated ego or anything? I am just pointing out that these companies issuing internal memos that are then 'leaked' is not the same as them coming out and openly condemning Kotick for threatening to have an employee killed and the other heinous shit he did.

If Sony, MS and Ninty want to speak out against that behaviour then they should do so more directly than leaking internal memos.

Kurt Russell56d ago

Nah, I get Lovespuds point and agree with elements of it. If they really wanted to make an impact. Remove Activision games from their storefronts. That would send a real message.

porkChop57d ago

These memos weren't for the community. They're for the devs. To make the devs understand that this kind of behaviour won't be tolerated within these company. And they've also asked any and all devs who have been victim of such behaviour to come forward.

LoveSpuds57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

All commendable of course PorkChop, I am not suggesting otherwise, but all the same, they know those memos will leak and in my opinion, that is not good enough. If they are concerned enough that they issue an internal memo, they should also be up front with their communities and issue formal statements on where they stand on this issue, rather than relying on these stories to propagate on the internet.

Just my opinion duder, not looking to argue with anyone.

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