'Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble' is Ultimately Taxing on a Player

Donkey Kong Country 3 is a game held in high regard and with good reason but 25 years later, it feels like a chore to play.

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iplay1up255d ago

A lot of older games feel like a "chore" to play now. It is because many are 'Souls' like. Miss a step, dead, an enemy hits you more than once or twice, dead. There is no get hit, and get/move/run away, and regain life or shields.

guacman8854d ago

Literally logged in after I don't know how Long, maybe a year. Lol just to say yes to your comment. Get this guy outta here. Smh. Learning how to play a game properly is now a chore 🤣. Lol.( Dkc 3 is the best one.👀👀 Don't flame me bro/ gal.) Lol

Dabigsiebowski54d ago

Oh yeah, let's remake the entire series but make DK Gay and Diddy his boyfriend but also toss them to the side because Dixie has always been the bravest and smartest and has been held back but the masculine gators that want to control everything! Just make her question herself at some point and then show us Dixies true inner prowless and strength to over come any challenge this bonkers island has go offer her. Also change the Grandpa to Grandma just too keep up, many felt he was a creep in the original anyways! Just sayin...


franwex53d ago (Edited 53d ago )


Yes let’s make DK gay.

iplay1up253d ago (Edited 53d ago )

I didn't mean to imply I feel Dixy Kong is a "chore" to me. I have been gaming since Pong, Atari days. I bought a SNES controller for my Switch just to play the Donkey Kong games, and Link to the Past properly.

A lot of younger gamers are used to games being far more forgiving than games were, in the past. Asassins Creed, if you are overwhelmed in a battle, most times you can just runaway, and regain all of your health. You couldn't do that in DK. You had to find health.

Looking for an N64 controller for my Switch too. They are being sold for crazy money, on Ebay and Amazon. Over $200! They have been sold out on Nintendo's Website.