Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe: Star Wars Masters of Teras Kasi Redux? (Gameguru Review)

Gameguru writes "The lucrative Mortal Kombat series is also know to push into such oddities and clichés with "Special forces", "Shaolin Monks", but when they announced that the entire cast was going to take on the D.C universe in Kombat, Midway seemed to have pushed all their faith into an inevitable doom. The funny bit was that such a precarious step had been taken before with the Marvel Franchise taking on Capcom's All stars and resulted in a jingle of coins and green on the Saturn(X-Men Vs Street Fighter), Dreamcast and the arcade."

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aftrdark213599d ago

that Capcom had made a stand alone X-men game before they did the crossover. I rented the game and it isn't that bad. But I couldn't see spending 60 bucks for it.