Feeling the Love: PlayStation Studios dev teams share their favorite fan interactions

Devs reflect on accessibility success stories, singing marathons, cosplay connections, and more.

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Ethereal7d ago

Cool article. While not always perfect, gaming does have some positive impacts.

sourOG7d ago

Gaming has few negative and mostly positive impacts imo. It’s media is awful and it can be addicting, etc.

Every facet from memory, stimulation, simulation, reaction times, coordination, creativity, community, story telling, puzzle solving, entertainment, social, it goes on and on. When people bring their personal negative shit into gaming it gets negative like anything else. The human element is always the factor.

The addiction part is a negative but addiction in general sucks. I don’t understand the idiots that keep crying for lootboxes to be ruled as gambling. It’s obviously not gambling but it is addicting and probably as bad for kids as nicotine. I think that’s a much easier case to make.

ApocalypseShadow7d ago

It's gambling. It's just a videogame version of it. You can play gambling games for nothing and win or lose virtual money. Or, you can use real money and win or lose something on a real machine. A little or a lot.

With Loot boxes, you can play in a game and spend no money and get random prizes. Win or lose what you're trying to get. But companies like EA allow you to spend real world money to get a random object that has no real world value. It's worse because in the end, even if you win, you still have physically nothing but can spend a lot.

If no money was attached, I'd agree with you. But I'm going to side with the idiots. Because loot boxes can possibly create the same real world addition as gambling.

Want to try your luck? Take a spin. Give it a try. Want a possible better chance? Take out your pocket book.What do you have to lose?......It's only a game.

sourOG7d ago (Edited 6d ago )

You are welcome to your opinion but it’s not gambling. Cash goes in, no cash comes out. You are welcome to side with the idiots but keep expecting the same result. Attacking it at that angle simply won’t work.