Marvel's Avengers: Spider-Man Exclusive Hands-On Preview - IGN

Spider-Man has been a long time coming to Marvel’s Avengers, and it remains to be seen whether the wait has been worth it. For the moment, though, his addition feels more like a promise fulfilled through gritted teeth rather than one delivered with a smile.

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RaidenBlack55d ago

What's up with that weird animation when walking and shooting web ?

gamer780454d ago

Yikes. Doesn’t look good. And no story missions either not surprised this seems to have been just a sales gimmick.

dbcoops54d ago

Crystal Dynamics is not Insomniac, that's what.

RaidenBlack54d ago

Well they also made the Tomb Raider series.

Daeloki55d ago

PS1 Spidey looked smoother and more agile than this abomination

slowgamer55d ago

I don't think it looks too bad. It's like I remember spider man being in 90' cartoon. =P
Though I don't get to have it 'cos I only have PC, also I uninstalled the game a while back but maybe I should at least finish the story.

Nakiro54d ago

I'm not really sure who this is for. If people want to play as Spider-Man, there is a better version of that character already on Playstation consoles.

It doesn't look terrible though, it seems just fine as long as you don't compare it to Insomniac's version. The announcement trailer failed to make the character look exciting but there are some neat things in that gameplay video, the take down at the end in particular is pretty neat.

slowgamer54d ago

Yeah it almost would make more sense to get released on other platforms because it can't really compete with other spider-mans in the same platform but they must fullfill their obligations and spider-man is always welcome in almost everywhere.

glennhkboy53d ago

Agree. Sony already has its own (admittedly better) Spiderman games. Since Marvel Avenger is a multiplatform game from Dismay & SE, why didn't Sony allow the Spiderman dlc to be available to other platforms? This will make Sony even more money, not to mention a bigger advertising for their new Spiderman movie.

texitytex54d ago

Looks fun enough. I'm just irritated that the character I wanted is just now here, after over a year of this game being out. I've done this grind on 3 others now... It wasn't particularly fun the second time, the 3rd felt put-on. I wish it had come sooner as I love spidey, but the game isn't varied enough for this sort of longevity and variation.

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The story is too old to be commented.