Dying Light 2 Dev Hopes Choices & Consequences Will Give Players Meaning to Play Thousands of Hours

Techland is hoping that Dying Light 2's choices and consequences will give players meaning to play the game for "thousands of hours."

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Palitera58d ago

Congrats for the Hyperbolic PR Statement of the Day!

CBaoth58d ago

Techland better mail back Todd Howard's press kit. He's gettin nervous without it

Espangerish58d ago

You know maybe I’m out of touch but I dislike this idea that games should last 1000s of hours. What’s wrong with playing through a well crafted 20-30 hour game and moving on. Keep it fresh all the way through, dont outstay the welcome and happy days.

Look forward to this game but I dont see the need for 100s let alone 1000s of hours of content.

porkChop58d ago

I honestly think most open world games would be better if they stuck to 30-40 hours of content. Nowadays they're filled with meaningless tasks like fetch quests, collectibles that serve no real purpose, and dull copy/paste sidequests.

Give me a solid 20-25 hour story and 10-15 hours of meaningful side content. Otherwise I get burned out by filler and give up halfway through. It's why I don't actually finish most games anymore.

slowgamer57d ago

I had over 100 hours maybe even 120 when I played the first one with that expansion. I did a lot of sidequests and some random stuff. I did really like the game but when it had gotten over 100 h I really started to feel the zombie fatigue.
BUT I don't mind if the choices actually make a lot of difference that I might some day play it again. If they don't... well you can forget about those 1000 hours. =P