CD Has "No Plans" to Sell Marvel's Avengers "Units" Currency, Shipment Won't Have Marketplace Items

Devs say there are "no plans" to sell in-game Marvel's Avengers Units currency for real-world money! States Shipments won't have Marketplace items.

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-Foxtrot8d ago

If they did there would be hell on with how shit the game is

It probably was going to happen if the game did better

Nitrowolf27d ago

Yup. They said the same about the last Mt and it still happened

staticall7d ago

Yeah, and they said the same stuff about selling XP boosters, yet, they still did that (now it's not available for purchase and article did mention that). I don't think anyone should trust them and Square Enix anymore.

P. S.: Also, when i first read «CD», i thought, it meant CD Projekt Red and couldn't understand what they have to do with Marvel's Avengers. First time i hear someone call Crystal Dynamics just «CD»

pr33k337d ago

"no plans" =/= will never happen

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