Sony sells less than November 2007, Nintendo prospers


"What's worse is that despite a year-on-year growth throughout 2008, the PS3 actually sold less this Novemeber than it did in Novemeber 2007, where it sold 466 thousand units. It's going to be some time before the PlayStation 3 is the strong business Sony hopes it'll be."

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Genesis53599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Times are tough and people are buying cheap. Sony doesn't make products that go on the cheap shelf. Plus the Yen is murdering the Dollar leaving them less wiggle room in their pricing structure.

ultimolu3599d ago

Yeah, Sony doesn't make cheap products. Their stuff would be good during a healthy economy but when times are bad, people have no choice but to go for the cheaper route.

Hopefully things get better.

TheTwelve3599d ago

No excuses, Sony got slammed. I mean, hey, it is what it is.

Now unless people really think that ONE MONTH means the end of the freakin' Sony empire, and that this ONE MONTH means 2009 will be a bust, then people really shouldn't make a fuss about it.

I am old enough to remember some very sad times for the PS1 and PS2 as well.


ceedubya93599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

for Sony. I know a price drop is possible for next year, but by then, it might be too late to see a difference in the US. This is the busiest shopping season of the year, and right now they are lagging.

aceitman3599d ago

wait till people who purchased a $200 360 find out they need a hard drive and have to spend $100 on one most who purchased that 360 only see the price and not what it has or needs because they dont know what it needs sony is coming back time will tell things are picking up in japan and will get stronger after a couple big titles release one being white night story being one of them

Dlacy13g3599d ago

You said "wait till people who purchased a $200 360 find out they need a hard drive and have to spend $100 on one most who purchased that 360 only see the price and not what it has or needs"...

And my question is, does that matter at all? We have all known about the Arcade sku being the gimped version for years now...and its selling well. Clearly word of mouth and Sony spin are not chasing people away from that sku. Your point falls on def ears when looking at the sales numbers.

kevoncox3599d ago

It would be a sign that the world is coming to an end. But it's the ps3's ok. Ignore the 800 lbs gorrila people. Sony has made major mistakes with the ps3 and it show. The Ps3's first chance to catch the 360 in sales won't be until Next winter which would be entering the 360's 5th year on the market.

I have a ps3 and I'm not impressed. I need more online focused games.

hotdawg3599d ago

this year that I did last year so I feel sonys pain. If I could go back to my 2007 money I would.

sackboy says hi3599d ago

BUT 2008 IS THE YEAR OF THE PS3.........

OH PLS GTFO........ :/

ultimolu3599d ago

Then do what normal people do when they're unimpressed with something.

Sell it.

If you're unimpressed with the PS3, then you're probably not buying enough games to justify your purchase.

dragunrising3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

I don't want to rain on the parade, however I would like to know why Resistance 2 and LBP didn't sell very well. I know I did my part. I purchased both titles as well as Dead Space and Burnout Paradise. The way PS3 exclusives are hyped on this site made me believe that R2 and LBP would have sold at least a million each. NPD proved me wrong. Before comments start saying:"PS3 games have legs" and "your a dumb xbot" there is no reason why these games didn't sell a million day one, or even within a week. Also, I'm not trying to ruin anyone's day, but being objective. I'm curious so I thought others would be too. :-p

Edit: I listed only PS3 games I purchased. Gears of War 2, Left 4 Dead, Fallout 3, and DeadRising were Xbox 360 purchases.

ultimolu3599d ago

I mostly blame Sony's lack of advertising. They only started advertising a lot better towards the end of November. These games should have been advertised from the beginning.

That was a fatal mistake they made but the games will sell overtime.

ChickeyCantor3599d ago

Considering the fact that the development costs were going "beyond" budget limits, of course they start of with such a high price.

but even then, i haven't seen Sony trying to convince the masses.
Their adds are horrible.

(i have a PS3 so i'm not hating, just think they are doing a crappy job at trying to get people in).

CrazzyMan3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

At 400$/€. How bad for Sony... lol. =)
it probably will sell 2 MILLIONS or even more in December, again at 400$/€.
Selling 3 mln. consoles in 2 months probably is very BAD. PS3 is doomed. =)))
Come on, MILLIONS, how bad that could be? :)

fishd3599d ago

Jan-Nov 2007,US : X360 = 3,359,100 [][][][][] PS3 = 1,758,800
Jan-Nov 2008,US : X360 = 3,229,000 [][][][][] PS3 = 2,819,000

PS3 sales increased by 1,033,200 <---million for ffs
360 sales decreased by 130,000

SaiyanFury3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Man getting closer to Christmas I'm seeing more and more negative articles relating to Sony. Can't people just enjoy things on their own without the negative spin? I got my PS3 for the full 600 dollar price about a month after launch and I've always enjoyed it and I always will despite the negative spin. "PS3 is in third", "PS3 is a sinking ship", blah blah blah, enough already. The PS3 isn't doing bad by any means. At least not as bad as the doom and gloom articles make it sound.
Back to MGS4, all this sensationalist crap is depressing.

Mainman3599d ago

MGS4 is a system seller guys. June NPD (the month MGS4 released), PS3 had its biggest month in 2008.

Hell, even I bought my PS3 for MGS4, granted I did buy the PS3 before it got released, but my biggest reason for buying a PS3 was MGS4.

If it werent for MGS4, I still wouldnt have a PS3 yet. I would've waited for a price-cut.

jammy_703598d ago

yer but pep0le that have got the ps3 already dont need another 1 there fore less people in the world wont one, theres your answer!

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Omega43599d ago

If Sony started putting out some system selling games price wouldnt be as much of a problem and they'd be able to make some profit on software too

techie3599d ago

I think you're actually wrong here. The PS3 has huge system selling games, the highest rated games of any of the consoles this year - it's just letting the consumers know and presenting a price that matches its competitors.

Omega43599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Your wrong just because critics think a game is good doesnt mean the mass market will look at Wii Fit thats a system seller but was scored badly

techie3599d ago

OK...but Wii Fit is a system seller because of the Wii brand and the price of the console.

You want Sony to copy the Wii?

Does that mean the Xbox 360 doesn't have system sellers?

Didn't MGS4 sell a sh*t load of hardware?

3599d ago
techie3599d ago

Create a formula for a system selling game then. More often than not its the system and its price that sells the system, not one piece of software.

Omega43599d ago

"Didn't MGS4 sell a sh*t load of hardware?"
It was more like the B/C bundle sold than the actual game unlike Gears and Halo which sold consoles without being bundled

Now they are true system sellers

miniduf13599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Ya deep your wrong, PS3 has a lot of great games. LBP for example is game of the year, but it didn't its not even going to sell that much hardware for the PS3. Oh and ya MGS4 (good game) sold a lot due to the bundle, its more of a niche game with hardcore gamers who have played the previous three. PS3 needs a franchise, when you think of XBOX you think Halo and Gears. But what does PS3 have in terms of a flagship series of games that everyone likes not just the super hardcore gamers, not much. Great games yes, but not a mass market appeal, they have pigoned holed them selves.

And Deep I didnt buy my 360 because it was a 360 I bought it because it had gears and because Halo was on the way. The same reason I bought my PS3 for Final Fantasy. So ya games sell the system.

solidt123599d ago

I don't think it has anything to do with the games because they are puting out more good games than Xbox has and still not selling more. Plain and simple it is the Price vs Xbox360 price and the Economy that is holding back sells and nothing else.

miniduf13599d ago

The games that PS3 is putting out has no appeal to the mass market, besides maybe resistance 2. LBP valkyrie chronicles are fun but not going to sell well.

ceedubya93599d ago

Games are a big factor as well. You have to think about it like this. The 360 may be cheaper than the PS3, but it also has most of the same games as the PS3 as well.

Yes, the PS3 has a lot of 1st party exclusives, but a lot of them are either original IPs or sequels to games that only sold decently the first time around. So now you are left with 3rd party games, and the majority of those are multi. Not a hard choice unless you really want a console that plays BR movies as well as games.

Long tory short, PS3 exclusives seem only to be import to PS3 gamers.

Ju3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

I doubt its the games. Its a combination of marketing (product placement thru branding e.g. Gears and Halo) plus lower price. That's all. The PS3 has comparable games. But the hype machine is unable to generate momentum. That plus the games are not really designed to create this "character" you can build on. Heck, they did that for centuries, e.g. with Sonic. But all these characters are missing on the PS3. Nathan Hale, well, no. Drake ? Yes, that's one. Sackboy another. But where did Crash Bandicoot go ? Sly Cooper ? The only two characters are new franchises (Drake and Sackboy). It needs years to build that image. Master Chief and Fenix (or what) have been around for a while.

But most of all, I believe its the pricing. In a wealthy economy, people wouldn't mind spending money for what I think is a premium product (which I think the games and the platform is). But now a days, that's a bit tougher.

Oh, yeah, I forgot Snake. But MGS4 came at the right time - for Konami, but not for Sony. Right time because the price was still OK, the economy didn't feel the heat yet, but to early to save the holiday season.

Alvadr3599d ago

Im with deep on this. Sony has put out some awesome first/third party exclusives this year, The 3 that come to mind are.

MGS4 a classic PS1, PS2 game reborn in all its next gen glory.
RE2 - A 2nd generation PS3 from a popular launch title.
LBP - A brand new IP which is innovative and fresh.

Sonys problem is simply marketing.. They dont do nearly enough. All im seeing on TV at the moment is 360 and Wii adverts. I have not even seen a single PS3 ad in the past 2 weeks.

One has to wonder what Sonys game is. Are they happy taking 3rd place this xmas and going for a major push next year, do they feel that although they PS3 isnt selling the 'best' it is selling 'enough' or are they just blind!.. Who knows.

Dlacy13g3599d ago

I am sorry but I must disagree with you. Sony has had a number of "system" selling games come out. Their biggest hurdle flat out is price. When they launched it was too pricey...and now even though they have come down a bit they are still priced VERY high compared to the competition and the economic conditions. This global recession very well could become the main reason for the PS3 taking 3rd in the current gen console cycle.

hotdawg3599d ago

stop smoking crack and buy a PS3 game before you spew your crackish antics. Nintendo Sony and MS had system selling games but not everyone had system buying money after 2007.

Omega43599d ago

If price was the main problem then why did PS3 sales increase in japan when Pro Evo came out?, why did they increase in the EU when GT5:P was released? Because they were SYSTEM SELLERS!!! price isnt much of a factor if the game is a system seller

LBP, M2, R2 arent system sellers they are games which mainly only appeal to the people who already have a PS3 which is why there wasnt such a huge boost in sales in Nov. Sure a pricecut would help as well but the games (if they were system sellers) should be enough for a new user to spend that extra bit of cash

darthv723599d ago

when it was back at the genesis vs snes days, the competition was very heated as well. Thing is, back then people could tell a difference between the two with how their games were represented. There was a visual graphical difference. I see people today looking at the ps3 and 360 and seeing how close they really are to one another. Except for the exclusive games, I can't tell a difference in the multiplat games. I could back on the snes and genesis. Today...not so much.

Price, games, all adds up. Sony makes a great product but in the eyes of the general consumer they are just the same as the 360. Wii is selling to a different crowd for the obvious reason of hype and lineage. My wife chose to buy a wii for the kids because she has fond memories of mario on the nes. Parents these days are no different. They then find themselves in gaming nostalgia and then you have the whole family enjoying themselves.

I just dont see that same drive in sony like they had when FF7 became THE MUST HAVE game for ps1 or GTA3 for the ps2. There needs to be something people can connect with that stemmed from the ps1 through 2 and into the 3 days. I have not seen a game that has trancended the console generations for sony like nintendo has with mario. I would have though spyro or crash was their answer but alas, it is not.

Sony's saving grace is dropping the price (everyone agrees with that) but at what cost to sony in the long run. It is a proven that the majority of profit is made from content, not source. The added bonus of bluray is fading due to people being able to get that feature without having to buy into the gaming side as well.

It will be interesting to see what happens in 09.

miniduf13599d ago

You guys are missing the point, LBP, MGS4, R2, Uncharted etc. all great games, triple AAA games. But this doesnt translate to a system seller, system seller has to appeal to people for them to want to buy it.

Ill argue the Halo3 is a good game but both MGS4 and LBP blow it out of the water, but yet Halo3 was a system seller. Microsoft was smart they knew their fanbase was a a lot of college kids you like social game experiences so they made a game catering to them. All PS3 has is new IP's which are hard to sell systems and an established franchise with limited appeal.

Great game does not equal system seller, just like SotC or ICO great, but really only people on N4G know about those games. They had limited appeal.

The same is said for movies. Is high school musical a good move, NO but it sells a ton due to its appeal. Was No Country for Old men critically well received yes but it didn't generate much revenue

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aiphanes3599d ago

Bluray is killing right now....The Dark Knight sold over 1 million copies already of just bluray....

The PS3 is closing in on 20 million after only 2 took Microsoft 3 years to get to 25 million...

No comment on the wii...its in its own world...

mesh13599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

HAHAHHAHA guys the ps3 will never catch up just accept it,tbh im going to buy a ps3 next year so i can play god of war 3 i have never played any of them but i like the main character is voiced by a blackman and the game story to me seems amazing i love the lore of god of war and the gameplay tho basic is so insane to me its the hack and slash equivalent to gears of war as that games gameplay is so sick also .

p.s if you have not played gears of war 2 campaign this gen guys your missing out on the best looking game to date by far with the best gameplay mechanics introduced this gen it is so sick and to add to the its co-op

DrRage773599d ago

"The PS3 is closing in on 20 million after only 2 took Microsoft 3 years to get to 25 million... "

seriously, you need to be more accurate with your numbers if you are going to make a comment like that. here are the numbers:

xbox360 = 24.8 million
ps3 = 17.8 million

saying the ps3 is closing in on 20 million in 2 years is like saying the xbox360 is closing in on 30 million in 3 years. using the numbers:

xbox360 = 24.8 million / 3 years = 8.26 million consoles per year
ps3 = 17.8 million / 2 years = 8.9 million consoles per year

your comment makes it sound as if the ps3 is completely dominating yearly sales and that 25 million in 3 years is low, but the ps3 will have 26.7 million after 3 years (if current sales pace continues)...not much of a "domination" like your comment makes it out to be

ceedubya93599d ago

Dark Knight selling that much on BR is impressive, but with the amount of PS3s and standalones out there, it seems like a rather small number. Oh well, I got in on BR.

LokMessier3599d ago

Blu-ray is out their and with everything slowly making it's way over to blu ray, HDTVs being bought soon people will either by a PS3 (If they have kids that need to be entertained or what not) or just find it more useful than just a regular blu ray player. Either way I'd say it's pretty amazing Sony and Microsoft hanging in their, although both are using their other aspects of the company and not just the gaming systems.

As for Nintendo...*Looks at the Wii sitting next to my PS3 and looks back at the screen* I'd say their doing pretty well for themselves a lot better than the Gamecube though, I'm just glad I'm able to use the gamecube controller for some games and not the WiiMote+Nunchuk for all :3

[PS. I don't swing my arms like someone having a spaz attack when I play -.-. So that's not my reason as to stating what I said.]

Sevir043599d ago

anywhere for 250k+ to 300+ with it's peek being when MGS4 launched. still no doubt a price cut would have been a more favourable thing for them this holiday season. but hey the cut price of bluray players signifies that the cost of bu-ray diodes have gon down. and the cost of HDDs have also taken a fall with the release of teh 160g PS3 and the 80g selling for 399 and 499 respectively. with out the games both of those consoles would be going for 299 and 399, still i think we shall see a price a adjustment at Fall next year. With a more aggressive marketing Ploy and some key franchise releases the PS3 will more than sell better. i can almost guarntee that this fall 2009 the PS3 will be selling at 299/399 with a bundle for the 399 model. and with all these top rated games hitting.

a high profile racer GT5, potentially God of War 3, the next blockbuster RPG WKC, Sequel the Ps3's best 2007 games uncharted and rathet, and new comers Heavy Rain, infamous DC universe, Angency, Quantum theory, and KZ2, and note worthy 3rd party games like street fighter 4, RE5, Bayonnetta fear 2, and possibly dead space 2 and bioshock 2, things look very well for Sony. MS also has Halo, halo, and some other games yet to be announced, I'm also sure Sony will announce some games that will release next year for the platform next year. it'll be strong.

PSP sales should go up pretty good too, 5 RPG games from Square, 2 from LVL 5 and some awesome games from sony's internal studios, it'll be a hot year for the PSP. I cant wait. next year will be even better for Sony software wise. and the sales will reflect it.