JRPG's Are Back On The Menu - GUI 104

JRPGs are back on the menu! This week Alex & Mike discuss the deep-rooted similarities between Shin Megami & Pokemon . Starting with the obvious turn-based combat, human-decentered parties & character collection, then proceeding into a discussion of the common cosmological concern behind both games, concealed by the outward guise of child vs adult orientation.

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Runechaz57d ago

About time, i hate realy hate the new rpg style

shinoff218355d ago

I agree. Was so happy when ff7 was getting a remake and as more details came out and to find out it was a hack n slash rpg. All most of us original fans wanted was ff7 with newer graphics. I'm seeing alot of old school type of games coming out and its great. I recently started playing ara fell enhanced edition and I'm really enjoying it. It's a nice throwback with some decent gameplay