Resident Evil Remake - New screenshots

Cacpom published some new Resident Evil Remake screenshots. Check them out.

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heosphuros3597d ago

they look great, i didnt even know this was happening!

madmonkey03597d ago

it looks more like a port of the gamecube version. i wish they would remake the re1/2/3 for ps3 and 360, now that would be good.

hay3597d ago

Tell me I'm wrong but this looks like REmake from GC. Ported to Wii now?

zslash3597d ago

Yeah, this the GameCube remake, only ported over to Wii. Funny that you say it looks great. I mean it does, but this remake came out in 2002. No enhancements have been made to the Wii version other than a retooled control scheme.

SL1M DADDY3597d ago


Sorry, but is there anybody else that is noticing how the Wii is becoming the port machine of PS2 and Gamecube games? What the heck? They already did a remake of RE and now they are making a remake of the remake for the Wii?


Drano3597d ago

... and play that game with a "real" controller instead.

Jump Beyond.

austere3597d ago


Looks like an exact port to me as well. I guess with Wii controls implemented. Which isn't a terrible thing. RE1 remake on the gamecube is probably one of my favorite games. It still holds up graphically as well I believe...mainly because of the static backgrounds tho but regardless it looks pretty still.

I'd be all over an RE2 remake with RE4 gameplay. RE2 is the best of the series storyline-wise.

Doppy3597d ago

I wish people quit wishing for remakes, and start forcing these companies to come out with new stuff.

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DigitalEnemy3597d ago

It seems to be a remake of the Cube's remake of the original, i agree, why not port across to the PS3 and or 360. RE1 is an absolute classic and for me is still the best in the series so far...

iceman28853596d ago

I've always thought RE2 was far and away the best of the series, followed by RE1 then Code Veronica.

narked3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )


...only for Wii.... oh noess..

Austin_SJ3597d ago

At the moment there is just a lot of shovelware and ports, hopefully with motion plus we will see some more interesting titles, to match up with No more heroes and Super Mario Galaxy.

darthv723597d ago

already for the wii. It is the gc ver but guess can play it on the wii too! Wow!

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The story is too old to be commented.