Someone Has Computed How Much It Costs to Buy All the Marvel's Avengers Cosmetic Items

Ever wonder how much it costs to buy all the Marvel's Avengers cosmetic items? Here's how much you need to cough up if you're planning to!

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justadelusion62d ago

The fact it is so large it even has to be 'computed' to begin with is sad.

CobraKai61d ago

Reminds of what became of the Dead or Alive series

kneon61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

The computation is very simple for me as it's always 0 regardless of the game.

Atticus_finch61d ago

"It's just cosmetics though"
Publishers are getting bigger and greedier. And people have no problem defending them.

arkard61d ago

No one is making you buy cosmetics. It's not a big deal imo. Now making a game grindy as fuck and selling level boosters on the other hand.... Looking at you Ubisoft

Atticus_finch61d ago

This isn't a ftp game.
Games like spider man put this cash grab to shame.

Zeref62d ago

I don't see the problem here. They are cosmetic items. It's a service game. Of course eventually buying all of it will cost a lot of money.

4U2NV62d ago

You not seeing the problem is the problem.

kayoss61d ago

I dont like microtransaction. However, if its just cosmetic, i dont mind it. If it was microtransaction that gives you an advantage against other players or required to progress through the game, then its a no no.
If its just only cosmetic, then its on the player. Youre not forced to buy these cosmetic items. Sometimes the players have to take responsibility too.

annoyedgamer62d ago

Every single game will soon be a service game.

Godmars29062d ago

More like the main game industry will move towards servicing games as a service. At least until becoming wholly unsustainable. Much like how everything moved to service the COD dev model but ultimately exhausted itself.

1Victor62d ago

Every single game will soon be a service game.
Aaaaand that’s when I quit gaming 😢

esherwood61d ago

Whenever I’m unable to experience a whole game for a specified amount of money I’m done gaming. The games with infinite economies that are worth $20 at most make no sense to me. I won’t even touch a game designed around getting more and more money out of me

badz14962d ago

it's a RETAIL game launched at $60

Zeref61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Get over it.

LordoftheCritics62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Oh yea no problem either. Just make game with no art and barely any graphics and sell it for 1 dollar, art added as cosmetic dlc for 10k$

Great future

ocelot0761d ago

I much rather a retail game charge for optional skins. Rather than have gambling boxes or expensive dlc that splits the playerbase. Remember them days?

NotoriousWhiz61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Next up. How much it costs to buy all the clothes at a Walmart. Buying all the skins isn't the point. The point is buying what you want and then being done with it. How much does it cost to only buy what you want?

SenorFartCushion61d ago

Go to Milan during the multi-billion dollar fashion week and you’ll get a clue of how far fashion can go.

-Foxtrot61d ago

People like yourself and that shitty way of thinking is the issue with gaming these days

bloop61d ago

... with thunderous cosmetics.

NeoGamer23261d ago

Gamers need to get smart. Do not support games like this. I didn't buy it but I have made my fair share of purchase mistakes. No more though. As publishers/Developers have gotten more and more like this I am buying less and less.

MonsterChef61d ago

Look at games like rainbow six Vegas.. And check out all the free cosmetics.. Your are the problem.. You have always been the problem... All the way back to the days of horse armor.

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Calculating the coat of the cosmetic DLC is still more fun than actually playing this game.

Teflon0261d ago

But there's a million good games, why'd someone waste their time finding this out? Clearly bored. f2p games are better so there's no reason for anyone to waste their valuable time doing that nonsense lol

kevinsheeks62d ago

Oh well not enough of a community to profit perhaps if they had focused on making a decent game they could profit off these ugly cosmetic trinkets.

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