Elden Ring Beta: PS5/ Xbox Series X/S First Look - Quality vs Performance Modes

Digital Foundry : Our first hands-on with developer From Software's next major project, as offered in a generous network test. Limgrave is open for exploration on every console platform, a daring open-world twist on the Dark Souls formula. PS5 and Xbox Series consoles offer two modes to enjoy it - quality mode and frame-rate mode - each with distinct advantages. But can either truly hit a locked 60fps? And what of playing the PS4 Pro version on PS5? Tom investigates.

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Destiny108059d ago

The PS5 version is in a better place right know, with higher framerates and 2x faster loading, hopefully a locked 60 by launch

ColtPSSX59d ago

They still have time. Either way Im still excited for this game. Hopefully they add dual sense features.

Darkborn58d ago

That's what I want. Locked 60 and duelsense features. Demons souls was incredible with the duelsense.

camel_toad58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

I want Elden Ring more than any other game right now.

From's Soulsborne games just pull me into their worlds more than any other series.

Teflon0258d ago

Likely PS5 is the lead console then ported over. They should be about the usual spots when it drops I'd think. A decent 60fps more at the very least

Orchard58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

I’d say they’re all in an unacceptable state right now.

Load times are irrelevant when you’re talking about a few seconds difference.

They need to hit locked 60 in performance and lock quality to 30 if it’s going to float around in the 40s.

blackblades58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Lol a few seconds it was half of series.

Orchard58d ago

Huh? The difference is like 5 seconds in the video above. What video are you watching?

dbcoops57d ago

An improvement is an improvement which hardly makes it "irrelevant". Funny how when its the other way around its never considered "irrelevant".

Orchard57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

It's irrelevant because the game is sitting at an instable framerate of ~45 in both performance and visual/fidelity modes.

Great, I load 5 seconds faster, and then I play the game for hours straight with a choppy unstable framerate... a few seconds less load time is nothing, regardless of platform.

So where did I say a few seconds shorter load times were relevant when it 'was the other way around"? I'll hold, since that never happened - and my PS5 is my primary games console...

Nacho_Z57d ago

"and my PS5 is my primary games console..."

You know that nobody believes that don't you.

Orchard57d ago

@Nacho_Z Only next gen console I own and I play 99% of my games on it - only a few games are reserved for my PC (mainly RTS and a few FPS games).

Doubt I spent $500 (550 after tax) to not play on it 😂

Whether you believe it or not sounds more like a you problem than a me problem.

Nacho_Z57d ago

So what is it that you think Sony are so much better at than MS, seeing as it's what you play on 99% of the time?

Clearly you believe that Sony are doing a better job and have by far the best games, correct?

CaptainHenry91657d ago

For Series X to be the most powerful console it still doesn't look good. It should load faster if Microsoft keeps saying the Series X is the most powerful console 🤔

Orchard57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

@Nacho Obviously it’s the games. I’ve said this countless times on here - Sony 1PP games are unmatched and only playable on Sony consoles.

The Xbox games I do want to play badly, I’d play on PC really anyway (e.g Halo).

One area I think Xbox is doing really well is with GamePass though. I’d love for PS to copy them in that area.

Will I ever get a Series console? Probably one day, later in the gen when they have a mid gen refresh or drop the price. I typically end up buying everything within a generation - but even if I wanted one, it’s impossible to find one right now and my PS5 + PC combo covers my needs.

@CaptainHenry Loading files is typically more IO bound than CPU bound, and everyone knows the PS5 has a faster SSD, so it’s totally expected to load games faster and I don’t think you’ll see many Xbox Series games load faster - perhaps only the Series S in a few cases since it could be loading drastically smaller assets from disk.

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Tacoboto58d ago

From is certainly the best at this genre but they certainly make weird tech choices. Their history with bad frame pacing doesn't leave me with confidence they'll fix performance, at least not all the way.

Framerate Mode, just drop the res to 1440p. Demon's Souls was sublime like this.
Quality Mode, the heck are ya doing leaving framerate unlocked?

Eonjay58d ago

I think having an unlocked framerate is kinda like future proofing but the should add a l30 lock toggle.

Tacoboto58d ago

The current PS5 Framerate Mode is kinda that - targeting 4k60fps but with dynamic res. PS5 retains full effects but X|S remove motion blur.

isarai58d ago

Japanese studios in general rarely focus on building cutting edge engines and optimization. The biggest ones do, but most just focus on other things like effects, animation, polish etc

LucasRuinedChildhood58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

I was thinking the same. It would easily maintain 60fps at 1440p. Tbh, a drop that low may not even be needed for 60fps with more aggressive DSR scaling (lower bound).

The game is still months away from release though so it likely has a lot of optimization ahead of it. Let's see.

Father__Merrin58d ago

2k is better than 4k as its not the jump you expect if your looking at performance I'm currently have a playthrough of GR:Breakpoint performance mode is 2k resolution wise and graphics mode is 4k its not the jump you expect so I choose the 2k mode in 60fps.

Atticus_finch58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

To be fair Blue point is up there with the best graphically. And I actually like an uncapped FR mode for mid gen or next gen consoles. But I really hope the 60fps mode is fixed by release date.

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Deathdeliverer58d ago

And this is why the conversations start about digital foundry. This is textbook. Mark Cerny said that as developers get used to PS5s unique architecture it will become apparent. They can spend less time getting things running and more time on other things like polish, content, whatever.

And here lies the issue. Digital foundry cannot accept when PS5 performs better. They are still caught in that “series X has higher teraflops so it’s supposed to do better” way of thinking. Cerny said TF are not a accurate way to look at power AND performance. It’s only theoretical power. When PS5 games have any issues or fall short it’s no explanation. No trying to figure out why. It’s just expected I guess. Series X falls short? It’s constant banter on how odd it is, peculiar, must be a glitch, and so forth. Maybe Cerny was right. Nawwww…. Can’t be.

Tacoboto58d ago

The Series X gets noticeably worse performance in combat yet has an extra graphical feature disabled in Framerate Mode. However, it performs noticeably better than PS5 when traversing. Yes, that is suspicious for both platforms and brings up questions about general and platform specific optimization.

Did you even watch the video or are you just fanning a conspiracy?

Deathdeliverer58d ago

Out of the whole thing the Xbox performed better in ONE section. Not traversal as a whole. One section. Clearly YOU didn’t watch it heard what you want. Point is, DF on vid after vid accept PS5 having lower frame rates, lower anything. No questions asked. When Xbox doesn’t perform they question the heck out of it. The game isn’t done, but this video is par for the course. I have every system. Love em all. But I can see why DF videos get bias comments. That’s the point.

Tacoboto58d ago

A computationally faster machine performs generally worse in performance mode with one exception while having fewer effects, gee I wonder why tech analysts would ever question that.

Deathdeliverer58d ago


That is exactly what I’m talking about. For what you’re saying, it’s computationally faster. That’s one piece of a big puzzle which is what Cerny was saying. What about the efficiency of those computations and others? What about the bottlenecks? If you’re computing fast but it’s on a 2 lane road it can only get so much through at once. What if you have a little less speed but more open lanes? TF don’t take that into consideration. It’s just ONE metric in a case where several metrics exist. Hell they put a decompressing chip in along with kraken. PS5 is made to get as much of that theoretical max TF as possible. So far, game after game, Cerny is proving he isn’t crazy. If TF was all that mattered Xbox games would be clear winners every time. Again, this is my point. DF should be looking at this from another angle as professionals. At the same time Cerny said they were trying something different with PS5 and it’ll be a while before people understand it. DF are people after all.

343_Guilty_Spark58d ago

Cerny got you thinking the PS5 is some exotic piece of hardware. It's a highly customized PC

porkChop58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

The PS5 doesn't have a unique architecture. It's x86 like all modern consoles and PCs.

If you think DF just cares about teraflops you've clearly never actually listened to what they say. An example is if a certain feature relies on higher counts of CUs to function properly, but for some reason is running better on a system with less CUs. That's the kind of thing DF would question and try to understand why that is. Because that normally shouldn't happen, it doesn't make sense.

Seriously though, you're creating conspiracies in your head because you prefer a certain console. It's just a plastic box that plays great games. Relax.

Deathdeliverer58d ago


It’s not the architecture as in its running a x86 system. It’s the how you program for said system and the tools available. Cell was hard to develop for because it had to be programmed for in a different way than what everyone was used to. The way to get the most out of cell was complicated. It could never hit its theoretical limit. I swear it’s like people seriously think these game systems or computers period are that simple and straight forward. In the past and still today, powerful systems just muscled through problems. What if a system efficiently tackled those same problems? Like if PC games could be made with ONE exact architecture in mind so they could maximize optimization they would be incredible. That’s not the world we live in. You can buy whatever you want and your system just powers through any unoptimization because it’s made for a RANGE not a single chipset. Consoles have that single chipset but have always basically did what PCs do. Throw a bunch of power at the problem but not so much in efficiency. Devs running out of this type of memory or struggling on how to time all the info, blah blah. The guy (Cerny) is simply stating that they took a different approach. Compare the memory bandwidth. Consider the decompression chip that frees the PS5 TF from any of that work. No hit on performance. Anyway, I’m done. You can look at it’ll as simply as you want to. Why the PS5 keeps up with the series X is a scooby doo mystery.

EvertonFC57d ago

I like DF but what you just said there is so true. Its like they dont want to mess up there next MS Xbox console exclusive interview relationship. Its that PC guy Alex imo fault.

Tacoboto57d ago

Totally Alex's fault, when he critiques the heck out of Halo Infinite's technical oddities. Yeah that makes sense...

You guys aren't even pretending to pay any attention to DF.

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Father__Merrin58d ago

Ps5 is the way to go out of all platforms for this game. By launch should have excellent performance loading and visuals with only a £359 asking price...

XbladeTeddy57d ago

To be fair do many TV's which people play a PS5 on have VRR tech built in? Most monitors do for PC gaming but not so sure it's on the majority of TV's.

XbladeTeddy58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Thanks Father, I shall listen by getting a PS5 at £359 asking price. Oh wait, the cheapest is over £500 on Ebay from some guy called asars_58 with 14 feedback...

phoenixwing58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

good times right? I mean it's not annoying hearing how great ps5 is only to see that it's impossible to get unless you scalp one. At that point why not buy a pc to run it. Sure it cost more but morally you're not supporting scalping and it's only like 400 more to a 1500 dollar pc that does the exact same thing only it has all the openness of pc at your fingertips and no annual fee for online.

edit: don't get me wrong though, i want to buy a ps5 only because sony strong armed their way into a final fantasy 16 deal with SE

dbcoops57d ago

People are getting them its just really tough so I get your frustration, keep trying you'll get one at retail eventually. There's lots of helpful sources out there especially if you use twitter.

Orchard58d ago

They have their work cut out on all platforms it would appear. 40-50 fps in performance mode…

Ironic that the only way to get a locked 60 is to play the PS4 version in back compat mode on a PS5.

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