White Knight Story - New screenshots

Level 5 published a batch of new White Knight Story screenshots. Check them below.

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TOO PAWNED3597d ago

I think graphics in this game have been dumped down. Honestly just look at first video and look at it now. I know that it is massive game but graphics are disappointing. I know i will get disagrees for stating the truth but if you have brains at least post a comment on why you disagree.

TheHater3597d ago

I agree about the first video looking a little better than these screen shots. The first video we saw was more of a target render of what they would like the in-game graphic would like to be.

As for why I disagree. I think that the game would look better in motion. Look at the Killzone 2 screen shots and look at the game in motion. When in motion you can notice that Killzone 2 look a lot better than those screen shots. It might be the same for this game.

TOO PAWNED3597d ago

I am srry you are on my ignore list so i cant view your comments.

Foxgod3597d ago

you can view it, and he is right, you the gfx are less because of sony's target render propaganda.

MAiKU3597d ago

Can you show me something in motion to prove your point?


and fox... it's "graphics" when you say gfx, people assume you mean something entirely different.

Gue13597d ago

yup. the graphics aren't looking too good, there's no way to deny that... only a fanboy could argue and disagree with a fact and there are a lot of them in this website so, expect a lot of disagrees.

Oner3597d ago

What a way to make a judgment call on a game off of 640x360 extremely compressed online non HD images...

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pp3597d ago

Hahahahaha what were they aiming for ps2 graphics or ps3 i think ps2.

Sevir043597d ago

i reallycant wait to see this game in motion. japan is gonna be love this game upon release, the next thing Sony needs to do is market it like crazy inthe US because Famistu and denkeki will do tyhe word of mouth for this game this winter in Japan. and it has 4 player Co-op online. I cant wait to play a story based RPG online with my buddies. i wont be the girl though LOL!!!

InMyOpinion3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

It looks like Final Fantasy XI.

Why o why3597d ago

but im gunna wait on this 1. the graphics do seem to have taken a step back. Luckily its not the graphics alone that make a great rpg just ask SE.

Sevir043597d ago

This really looks alot better than the Last remnant. it's gonna be amazing. and the fact that the Ps3 has another RPG set to release early next year. the momentum for that game will be awesome. PS3 will start to sell even better next year in Japan.

and FF13 man it's a wrap..... bring on the next blockbuster RPG for PS3 now.

hay3597d ago

Don't kill me for this but... WKC reminds me FF12 a lot, which is awesome thing for me.

rockleex3597d ago

Like Oblivion.

Very different from Final Fantasy. If FFXIII were to take this route, then its graphics would be toned down to this level.

And this game is running at true 1080p, so the graphics have to be toned down even more.

Mainman3596d ago

I am not really into the art-style of this game. Just dont like the medi-evil type. FF13versus has an awesome style, everything is dark etc. And I guess FF13 is the same style as Versus, just not as Dark?

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The story is too old to be commented.