An Interview With Geoff Keighley About The Game Awards 2021 And The Game He'd Love To See Announced

After more than 80 million livestreams in 2020, this year’s show will be jam-packed with more World Premiere reveals than ever before.

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Nakiro59d ago

Looking forward to all the new announcements, Sony in particular has been pretty quiet. Not counting God of War, Gran Turismo and Horizon which are coming out next year, we only really know about what Insomniac is working on.

ColtPSSX59d ago

I remember people giving them shit for announcing games too far out.
Now I think they are only focusing on games a year or 2 out

porkChop59d ago

To be honest, that's how it should be. Games like Fable, TLOU 2, Elder Scrolls VI, Bayonetta 3, etc., were announced way too early.

ColtPSSX59d ago (Edited 59d ago )


To be fair with MS, they didn’t really have any games that people were looking forward to when they did that. They needed to establish something at first. Understandable for them. I think they are taking a page out of Sony right now. Once they get the peoples trust for exclusive games like Sony, they might do the same like them.

Darkborn59d ago

Exactly. I am very curious as to what was actually slated for 2022. Sifu, Horizon, gt7 and God of War as well as ghostwire tokyo were originally supposed to come out by around now. What did playstation actually have planned for next year? Like all we know of is spiderman 2 which was guaranteed, and of course wolverine and now KOTOR. Where's the other 20 or so games?

CrimsonWing6959d ago

Look, all I want is a new and longer trailer for Final Fantasy XVI. I’ll take that or something that shows Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2.

Brazz59d ago

Returnal and FH5 got robed. Both deserved nominations for GotY.

Bobertt59d ago

The fact they put Cyberpunk 2077 as a nominee for the best RPG of the year kills any remaining credibility for these awards. Hopefully they at least have some good reveals.

Yui_Suzumiya58d ago

I voted for Cyberpunk actually

Stanjara59d ago

Cyberpunku Lets goooooo! I want 2 awards! Masterpieceeeaaaaaa.

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