I do not like this new Genshin Impact X KFC event and neither should you

The Outerhaven writes: This new Genshin Impact collab with KFC is wrong on so many levels; by forcing streamers to stay in a specific lane and possibly hurting smaller streamers.

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Kaii62d ago

One, You’re required to only stream Genshin Impact for the two weeks of the event. Any other game streamed, and you will be instantly blacklisted.
Two, while playing Genshin Impact, you can not criticize the game or the company in any way, shape, or form and must block out all criticism from your chat

When did this game's content get that good, 4 daily > 160 resin > sub 20m at best, WTFudge you suppose to do for the next 7hrs 40m assuming 1 streams for 8hrs :S

Game content consists of running the same Instance 500 times for Crit rate/dmg affixes to artifacts, I don't mind playing the game passively but those terms are nutty

PeaSFor62d ago

Someone is twisting your arm or something?

CrimsonWing6962d ago

Careful, I once voiced a negative opinion on this game and got damn near stoned to death on this site for it. This is an amazing game because it’s free and it can do nothing wrong because it’s free. That’s the lesson I learned the hard way on here.

Stanjara62d ago

They are heavily inviting new players because old ones (me) run out of content.

armjoe62d ago

Thanks for telling me what to like and what not

annoyedgamer62d ago

This is sleazy but also pretty common for streamers when they stream major AAA titles.