New PS5 Breakdown with Mark Cerny Is a Fascinating Watch

Mark Cerny, Lead System Architect of the PlayStation 5, breaks down all the went into the creation of Sony's latest video game console. Mark talks about the steps Sony takes when developing a video game console, from early brainstorming sessions to picking out what parts to use in the final product.

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Army_of_Darkness70d ago

The way he speaks sounds very similar to Ryan Reynolds.

darthv7270d ago

during the road to ps5 he had a very asmr style of delivery. So relaxing and informative at the same time.

purple10170d ago

its because his brain is 3 paragraphs, 20 minutes, prehaps hours or even days ahead, and he's physically trying his best to slow down his speech, this is why it has similarities of asmr,

he's VERY good at it, specially for someone who doesn't do a while load of public / salesman stuff, prehaps he takes charge of lots of team / development meetings so has practiced.

compare to elon musks first joe rogan, you could physically see him tritching, eyes fliskering, he was miles ahead, and watching him tryinh to make sense of simple quesions when hes used to making rockets fly, was entertaining to say the least

his second joe rogan appearance, all that went away, I was SOo shocked, I presume its because he was much more relaxed, saw jo as more of a friend than interview-er, and knew what to expect, hardly any eye flicker,

see for yourself i recommend the first , and only sit through the second if its up your alley, but no.1 was excellent, to see a long format, un edited interview, with one of the top 100 cleverst' people in the world, is rare, as i say, full long format, unbiased chat, with elon, - youl need a free spotify account now, as i think the whole catalogue even the older ones,-of joe rogan has been removed from youtube due to an exclusivity clause, (with spotify)

id also recommend quintin tarrentino, and matt walker, (also asmr-ish)

ABizzel170d ago

It's always good to see someone who knows their work, business, and just tech in general speaking at the forefront of the product. Show me the engineer who designed this and give me the why behind it.



Weird flex, but ok.

derek70d ago

Orchard I have watched that asmr before it legit put me to sleep. Great stuff.

Gunstar7569d ago

He has the voice of a reanimated doll

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Germaximus70d ago

The looks of Dana Carvey and the voice of Ryan Reynolds. lol Quite the combo.

dbcoops70d ago

You forgot the brain of Stephen Hawking.

IanTH70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

So without the dripping sarcasm, this is what Ryan Reynolds would sound like...

I wouldn't have picked up on it, but you're right. A little higher pitched, but very similar and weirdly similar cadence (weird given the lack of sarcasm to affect the delivery lol).

darkrider70d ago

It's amazing what they built. Such an amazing console for only 399. The same price of the ps4 both full of brand new tech. From cpu to gpu to ssd.

BQ3270d ago

Now only if I can get the lead architect for Xbox to sit down and explain why my damn series x keeps shutting off every time I try to play a next gen sports game and rendering it very expensive paperweight. Thank god I have a nice pc to play other games.

69d ago
darkrider70d ago

Such an amazing person. The ps5 for just 399 is unmatched. From cpu, gpu, ssd/io. The same price of the ps4 but with all brand new tech. Amazing. He should talk more. Because he isn't Trying to make stupid pr comments, or talk about laps and shoot fired.

Digital570d ago

Pretty great summary, I wouldn't have minded if he got even more technical, but I guess some of that is probably trade secrets.

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The story is too old to be commented.