A Note from the Rockstar Games Team RE: Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition

Rockstar Games : We want to provide an update regarding the unexpected technical issues that came to light as part of the launch of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition.

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chrisx912d ago

What a pity that rockstar of all people can fall so low. Lost a big chunk of respect for them after this scam.

-Foxtrot912d ago

Typical “f*** it they’ll buy our games anyway” attitude they’ve gotten

bloop912d ago

The next GTA installment was typically always the big one that I looked forward to more than any other franchise, and I don't think I could possibly care any less for VI seeing the direction they took with V regarding the online, to the Housers jumping ship, and then this absolute mess they somehow thought was ok to release. The suits have clearly taken over at R*, but I think (and hope) thanks to likes of Battlefront 2, Anthem etc. people have somewhat woken up to this bullshittery and it will hit them where it hurts....... in their pockets.

justadelusion912d ago

and sadly, they are correct

CS7912d ago

I’ve defended Rockstar many times on here for their seeming “quality first” approach.

It is a shame to see them put out this product.

Who is left that we can respect on the AAA scene? Naughty Dog?

jBlakeeper912d ago

Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, and Insomniac are the only ones I can think of.

TheHan912d ago

Lmfao, neither of those cause they can’t even create a proper MP mode. Xbox would have the best studios, best MP and polished games over all. It’s why Xbox studios was the highest nominated gaming studio.

annoyedgamer912d ago

Have you seen The Last of Us 2? I don't think you can trust anyone.

ABizzel1912d ago


Yes, the second game in the series to win GOTY and be the most awarded video game of all time.

savedsynner912d ago

I would argue CDPR is still trustworthy. They had one major stumble but their other games have all been well supported and enjoyed. We'll see what Witcher 4 looks like and if its as bad as cyberpunk 2077 then ill no longer trust them.

rhcpfan912d ago


Shame about that Metacritic user score though. Maybe it's really low compared to the first game for a reason?

Rainbowcookie912d ago

There are a few on Sony still and a few others. If you look at previous Rockstar games it still feels like a company that looks for quality. I think the pressures of releasing this before someone else makes money off your product and trying to please a fanbase made them outsource or get someone in to help with this. , but someone must have slipped up. I won't just ake this one blunder and start thinking they tried to screw people over.

Hikoran912d ago

@rhcpfan Yeah because little crybabies couldn't handle it. FYI - YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE THAT ANGRY AT THAT SCENE. THAT'S THE POINT. lol.

KingofBandits912d ago (Edited 912d ago )

lol naughty dog is a soulless shell of their former glory. With just another pandering SJW d bag running the ship into the rocks. Naughty Dog died when Amy left.
imo all of these put out solid games and care about the product they give consumers:
Sucker Punch
BluePoint Games
Capcom's Dev team 1
Id software
Square-Enix (a few meh teams aside)
Guerrilla Games
Playground Games

seanpitt23912d ago

Yeah naughty dog broke my heart with TLOU 2.. never trust any developer

Viljong910d ago

Sony first party studios.

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Muigi912d ago

The gaming industry as a whole is screwed. CDProject, Ubisoft, EA, Activision, Rockstar. If its not some half ass release or money grab its a news breaking allegation.

ABizzel1912d ago

That's because they're all finally being held accountable collectively by their employees and by the "educated", "enlightened", and "woke" gamers.

When you play quality games you expect a higher degree of quality from every developer especially those who are on their 3rd or greater game within their franchise. Technical issues should have been a thing of the past during the PS4/XBO era, especially after developers finally learned how to optimize for the HD Era (360 and especially PS3).

So launching games with consistent / noticeable performance issues and frame-pacing issues deserves the backlash.

Launching incomplete games and patching later, deserves the backlash.

Doing cash grabs like this deserve the back lash.

We've seen too many game launch on lesser hardware, with great performance and bare minimum issues for this to be happening on PS5 and Series consoles. We've too many game launch with a complete package or at least the promised package and without major faults for this to still be happening. And we've seen too many GOTY / trilogies / collections / remakes / remasters for something of this level to be taking place.

KingofBandits912d ago

The companies you mentioned CDProject and R* aside have always been shit, its just that as online integration worked its way into all aspects of gaming their cash grab practices became more obvious. if you don't follow gaming news you won't know or care. the reality is most gamers don't care about "scandalous" headlines or SJW causes, its just nonsense to stir the pot. gaming has never been bigger and as it grows its always going to bring to light issues.

neutralgamer1992912d ago

Just please put the care in, take your time, pay attention to community feedback and do justice to these remasters. R* themselves should help and not leave this all to a developer known for making mobile ports

I wonder how many original R* members are there now because Leslie and even one of the houser brothers left the studio

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ToddlerBrain912d ago

Such bullshit. “It didn’t mean out standards,” but you released it anyway. Did anyone play the games before release? Seriously.

NoFanBoy912d ago

Rushed it out for the holiday season.

SullysCigar912d ago

Translation: "Oh crap, they're on to our holiday cash grab. Quick, run the emergency 'generic humble communication' to keep that money train chugging!"

You know R*, play testing is a thing - and you do it before giving something your seal of approval. Stick your apology and be better next time.

andron912d ago

Unexpected my behind. They f'ed up hard all the way..

ANIALATOR136912d ago

"The updated versions of these classic games did not launch in a state that meets our own standards of quality, or the standards our fans have come to expect."

Then why did you even release them? Surely somebody noticed how poor they were. But no it was simply a quick cash grab while you work on GTA6 for the next 2/3 years