Shin Megami Tensei V Review – It’s all about the combat - The Outerhaven

The Outerhaven Writes "A console sequel to the Shin Megami Tensei series that I wish the game had stronger hardware to utilize. The combat is still enjoyable and is the reason to play the game, everything else is just an afterthought and it shows."

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SDuck58d ago

quick question, are the monsters in SMT only called "demons"? They're personas in Persona (which is a cool original name) and to call them demons when many are based on angels is just wrong. (haven't played any non Persona SMT, that's why I'm asking)

OdysseyLotus58d ago

If they aren't in your party, they are called shadows in Persona, which is a much less cool name. But yes, they are universally called demons, but lore-wise, it is because demon used to be a neutral term for a spirit and was split into cacodaemons for evil spirits and agathodaemons for good spirits. It just has all of them labeled as demons for simplicity's sake, but it is not inaccurate for an angel or other heavenly being to be called a demon with this pretext. Angels and other heavenly beings in the SMT universe are just demons that submitted themselves to God.

SDuck58d ago

oh yeah, they are called shadows in Persona, I forgot about that. Thx for the explanation about SMT

Scottatea58d ago

Yes they are all called demons. And even the angels are demons. SMTV ending has a good show of why but I ain't gonna spoil that for you if you want to play the game.