Bad economy? What bad economy?

US, December 11, 2008 - Despite terrifying news to the contrary, it appears that the economy (at least in the land of videogames) did quite well for what is typically the biggest shopping month of the year. The industry as a whole grew ten percent over 2007, rising from 2.64 billion in sales to 2.91 billion in total sales for this November.

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pwnsause3599d ago


PS3- $400

360- $200

Not many people are going to pay $400, thus the reason why the PS3 got outsold 2-1 in the US, aka, the heart of the recession.

InMyOpinion3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Or perhaps it's just not worth the $400 they are asking for.

I thought your nick was 'pwnsauce', not 'pwnsause'.

Pennywise3599d ago

I bought it for $600 and it was well worth it.

ultimolu3599d ago

Or perhaps he could be right.

There are people who want PS3's but can't afford it right now.

madmonkey03599d ago

i paid £300 for mine and it is worth the money, i paid £160 for my 360 and £200 for my wii, but i believe the ps3 offers the most value for money despite its higher price tag.