Signing In…One Hour Later - Sony bumbles an upgrade

Todd Hargosh writes:

"I should have known that when Sony announced that the PlayStation Home Beta would finally be released today, that something would end up messing it up.

Just a few minutes ago I booted up my PS Triple, downloaded the program, a 77 MB file, and even though it took longer than usual to download -- I was able to without a problem. Installation as well was not a problem, but then once I get to the connection screen, all I get is a message saying "request timed out." Every time I try to log in, it's the same thing over and over again. Even when being able to get to the EULA and accepting it, once again there it is.

"Request Timed Out."

I don't get it, why is it every time there is a huge upgrade to any platform we have to go through this mess? Look at the trouble I had with upgrading my iPod touch to 2.0, and how long that took to upgrade. I mean, combining upgrading that, updating original model iPhones, and (in store only) activation of the iPhone 3G at the same time, and you had a recipe for disaster."

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Pennywise3650d ago

I have never in my online gaming "career" played a very popular online game/service first day and experienced no lag or disconnects.

So this guy makes a whole webpost to cry about HOME connections and there were a bunch of people in last night. It took me 3 or 4tries to connect and I was in. How about a service like WoW back int the day... $15 a month and I would have to wait 1 hour sometimes in a queue to enter the server I pay for. That is a kick in the a$$ and that was not release day. Anyways my point is, quit crying.

Graphics Whore3650d ago

Usually with a troll description in your name you have to at least be exceptional at trolling.

The Lazy One3650d ago

but it was a really crappy game <_< >_>

BrianC62343650d ago

The guy is an idiot. He even mentioned it's Home beta. Beta means the system is still being built and tested. This is the final test. I did have trouble connecting to a server last night when I first got on but I tried again and I got on with no problem. And everything went smooth while I was on.

He also needs to remember Home is free. It's not like he just paid $60 for it and can't get online. It doesn't even have much so far so no big deal. If you want to try out a beta you need to be ready for anything. It could even lock up your PS3. I hope he doesn't cry about that if it happens.

SL1M DADDY3650d ago

These bloggers sound like complete morons.

"It's Home Beta for god sakes, yeah it's a beta but I expect it to work flawlessly!"

Now, take that quote and show it to every idiot that thinks Home should have no issues and ask them if they feel any bit stupid for pitching a fit about the issues Home is having opening week.
Hrmph... Stupid bloggers.

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ultimolu3650d ago

That's all I have to say.

Bob Dole3650d ago

He needs some Johnson and Johnson's No tears baby Shampoo for crybaby pussies.

GIJeff3650d ago

i guess thats why it's called a BETA...tool.

Graphics Whore3650d ago

If you don't like a *FREE service, then your only option is to not use the free service, I think that's a pretty good approach to the situation.

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The story is too old to be commented.