WorthPlaying Review - 'Left 4 Dead'

WorthPlaying: "Plots involving zombies are a mixed bag. Some stories can be completely awesome, such as "28 Days Later," while others can be overwhelmingly lame in the case of "Quarantine." Regardless of the story, it usually involves something going wrong and the whole population mutating into flesh-devouring zombie fiends. Left 4 Dead is no different, and although we don't find out how the zombie outbreak occurs, we know that it's been at least two weeks since it started. Players will control one of the four survivors (Bill, Francis, Louis and Zoey) who are immune to the zombie infection and must fight their way through hordes of infected citizens to escape. Each controls the same, but their unique personalities are what cause players to form deeper connections with them. These personalities are what drive the story (albeit lacking) of the single-player campaign for Left 4 Dead. The single-player game is broken up into four separate campaigns (called "movies"), and each includes five stages. Overall, players will be able to fly through all of the campaigns in about six to eight hours."

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Timesplitter143599d ago

Off topic, but Quarantine is a crappy hollywood remake of [Rec], which is among the greatest zombie movies ever made (and it's actually scary, unlike all the others)