Do Gamers Want Slow-Paced Games Like Death Stranding?

The success of Death Stranding and other slow-paced titles demonstrates that there is a market for games that do not rely on non-stop action.

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isarai63d ago

Some do, i enjoyed it. Grew to really hate RDR tho, just a game full on inconveniences. Absolutely technical masterpiece, but not a fun one imo.

Darkborn63d ago

Exactly. I feel like buying a real horse and traveling across the country in real life would be easier than playing rdr 2.

CS763d ago

On the flip side I consider RDR2 one of the greatest games I ever played in my life.

Slow paced games get my vote. I love being in another realistic world.

neutralgamer199263d ago


I have not played death stranding but I have played Red Dead redemption 2 and I just could not bring myself to play any longer after playing for 5 to 6 hours. To extend the game length they went out of their way introduce a broken fast travel system. Usually in games when you turn on the Cheats you don't earn trophies but R* went a step further they don't even let you save your progress. Mind you this is something GTA's on PS2 allowed

4U2NV62d ago

Shhh the rockstar stans can't take a negative opinion on their beloved RDR2 lol.

Me personally I agree, RDR2 was the most overhyped and most boring game I have ever endured through to completion. Watching the same looting and animal skinning animations was just so slow even character movement was a chore. No businesses or anything to run when completed. The game was a borefest in my opinion.

victorMaje63d ago

I think Kojima's genius is undeniable for having created the world of Death Stranding & everything around it. I think there are many things done right in this game & a fair amount done wrong (UI, UX & some gameplay issues).
Regardless, though I'm still on Ep 6, imho in terms of overall play time I think it could easily be half of what it is & would still make the same if not a stronger impact (not talking story).

victorMaje63d ago

It is, but I guess some have a problem with me finding it’s not without its issues…on Ep 8 now :)

SenorFartCushion63d ago

Yeah. Every game does. I’d just ignore everyone. This site is very PlayStation-centric. I liked Death Stranding a lot, there’s loads I would change, though.

Enjoy the game :)

ColtPSSX63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Yeah look at flight sim, that’s slow asf and people love it. I personally couldn’t get into it

BlackIceJoe63d ago

I'd enjoy a Hobbit or Lord of the Rings game that is slow paced. If you read the books, most of the time the Hobbits are just talking or singing and there is no action what so ever.

SDuck63d ago

As someone who loved RDR2, yes please

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